Is Bagtrends are legit site?

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  1. Hey ladies~!

    Is a legit site selling genuine Rebecca Minkoff bags??

  2. Yes it is!
  3. thank you!
  4. And, they have the MAM in night w/ gold crackle. Does anyone know if they have a coupon code?
  5. Nevermind, I found a coupon code for bagtrends good til 3/31. It is shefinds08.

  6. thanks where did you find it I was searching and searching?
  7. I got my Nikki from there, great site and shipped fast! They sent me a purse hook with my order.
  8. Yes they are a legit site and a great place to buy from! how much discount is the code you found darcy?

    I found code BABYBLOG, and that is 10% off only...
  9. Same, 10% but I really wanted the MAM in night with gold crackle which is virtually impossible to find other than shopbop at full price...
  10. I ended up finding the bag I wanted for less on active endeavors, thanks Darcy!!
  11. ^^Darcy- did you try Bloomingdales or NM? I wanted the MAM too, but bought the MAB at bloomies for $357 plus $20 shipping, AND the SA is sending me $90 in gift certs to use on future purchases... AND another girl just bought the MAM from NM for $350 free shipping....both stores are having better sales instore than online! But you should call them. If you want the MAB, call the bloomies on 59th st in NYC. Thats where I got mine. Its much better than paying over $500 for the same bag!
  12. Thanks so much for the info... no luck at either :sad:
  13. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - I just used this code successfully to order my MAM in Tangerine - saved $52.50! You are the best!
  14. yes they are legit and they offer a free gift with every purchase. their CS is great!