Is bag's color is important fo you?

  1. I always buy a bag according to what I like. I never think of color before. Today I went shopping with my friend and she asked me why you didn't choose bag with dark color? It is more easy to take care of.

    I went back to see all my bags and wallet and found a Gucci wallet which my BF bought me last 5 Yrs ago and I hardly used it. It's in baby blue suede with white leather trim. I remember I used it for only 1-2 months but it was dirty and ugly.

    When you buy a bag Do you think of the color? or just bought what you like?
  2. Of course, but more in terms of variety.
  3. It didn't used to be but it is now. I have resolved to choose sturdier, easier to clean fabrics if I want I light-coloured bag. After two bags were ruined, each in under three months, I have decided to be more careful. Suede is definitely out for me now. I really adore the classic chanel quilted bag in off-white but I am worried that it will become dingy fast.
  4. i agree w/ twinkle, it's more about variety. i tend to not buy bags of colors that i already have. if i have a black bag, i'm good. unless i need 2 black bags but in completely different sizes. so colors def matter to me.
  5. Very important to me !
  6. Absolutely, color is extremely important to me. That's why I mainly have darker colored bags with very few exceptions. Lighter colors show wear and tear earlier than dark (in general). I don't get suede bags much any more either b/c they get scuffed and look 'tired' too soon IMO. Also, neutral colors will go with just about any of my outfits and saves me time picking out a bag for the day after I get dressed!
  7. colour's absolutely essential to me, both in terms of variety and durability (and how it matches the hardware too!). for example, for evening purses that i don't use "to death", i like pretty, light colours, whereas for bags that i use everyday, i tend to choose darker colours that don't look too crummy with much use. also, i like to match my bag to my clothes, so i go for variety. like babyk said, i dont really like buying bags of the same colour and same size.
  8. Yes. I prefer basic colors like black and white. =)
  9. well most of my bags are black, because they match pretty much anything.... though im kinda leaning to other colors like my Tokidoki Foresta Print-a colorful print...which is something i never had lol.... ive had blue and brown, but rarely used yeah i guess it is important to me so a certain extent :biggrin:
  10. Did anyone answer it wasn't important?

    Its very important to me.:yes:
  11. yup.. i would never buy a weird color or color i don't like.
  12. Extremely :yes:

    It's one of the vital factors in the selection of any bag no?
  13. yeah.
    Because i get the earth-tone ones for summer and the bright pstel-ish colored ones forum summer
  14. Oh so important! A beautiful color can make a plain bag stunning.
  15. Yes, I usually think of the colour I need and then search the bag.