Is bag flipping a thing?

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  1. I just read on one of the pages that a lot of people are compulsive "bag flippers"? So, they buy the newest hottest bag, use it for a few months, and then sell it to fund the next new release bag?
    I'm not judging, I'm just shocked to read this. I guess if it's normal I didn't realize it, because when I buy a bag (especially LV) I buy it to keep...forever! I guess that's another reason why I buy it new and from the store.
    I only sold one LV bag, a MIF Speedy from 2004 that had REALLY dark patina. I used the money and bought the new Speedy last year.
    I have an emotional attachment to my bags! I guess I just can't buy something and know I'll sell it to buy a new one, and then start the process all over again...🤔
    Just curious to see if this is really a thing!
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    I guess some people do. I'm like you and buy bags to keep (or give them to my daughters. :biggrin:)
  3. I'm the same way, when I buy a bag it's for keeps. The only time I'll sell is if the bag doesn't work for me anymore and often that only becomes apparent after being used for a while.
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    I am not surprised it happens. I am always reading some member saying they will sell a bag in their collection to fund a new bag they lust. But, you know what? If that okay with them, what the harm? :smile:

    I am the same, once I buy a bag, will not part with it! The time I will part with it, is when I am dead. What ever happens to them, will not care if it end up in the dumpster. :amuse:

    But I wouldn't mind selling it either-if I am completely bored with it, want something new...I would sell it for what ever I can for it-at fair price for potentials buyers.
  5. 9 times out of 10, I want to buy a bag for keeps. But sometimes I fall in love with the shape and look and don't know that it doesn't really fit my lifestyle until I've owned it. Sometimes I try to keep it and use it but to no avail, it just doesn't work so I end up selling it. I've sold probably 5 bags in the past 5 years.

    I usually try to buy my bags for keeps but sometimes you don't know what you want/need until you try them.

    On the flip side though, I do know some people who buy many bags and flip them often. Some people get bored of styles or looks I guess. I think people just like to have different bags on rotation which I understand... Some people aren't always as attached as we are to items.

    Once I find the right bag, I can never let it go but there are just some bags that I thought I loved but then found other ones that's suited me better.
  6. Also, I've had to sell some bags because they no longer worked with an iPhone 6+... I chose a bigger phone > bag XD

    Sold off 2 patent bags because I realized I didn't like the feel of patent now that I live in a really humid city too.

    I've sold off my shoulder bags for the more adventure friendly crossbody styles. So I think it all depends.

  7. +1

    I used to only carry shoulder bags, but I've recently sold most of them because they don't fit my lifestyle anymore. I have a 18m girl and cross body bags are a lot more convenient when you have a toddler.

    I wouldn't consider myself as a "bag flipper", but I do sell some of my bags every few years. It's either I've fallen out of love with them or they just don't fit my lifestyle anymore. Never sold anything just because I want the newest bags.
  8. Oh it definitely is a thing. My friend is one of them and for her, it's the thrill and excitement of having the latest and greatest models even if the bags she currently owns already work for her. It's almost like an addiction. I really don't get it because I'm the complete opposite in that I purchase ones I know I will keep and use for a long time.

    Not sure if this is the same thing you're referring to as I'm sure there are others who want to upgrade when the bag they currently own don't work for them anymore.
  9. No different from those who have to have the latest tech, or the latest apple product etc.

    I couldn't imagine going into a store to buy a handbag and tell myself that it is for life I'm never going to sell it. This to me is so unrealistic because over time our tastes change, our styles change, and we may end up liking things we necessarily didn't like before.

    Although I don't see myself selling a bag within a few months I have sold bags after about 12 months. . :biggrin:
  10. When I buy, I usually plan to keep a handbag forever, but then things change. I used to beat myself up about it, but then realized I like flipping bags. It feels sort of like leasing a car to me. I have kept my 2004 Speedy 25, 1 Prada bag and 4 Bals. Probably sold over a dozen.

    Currently, in our rental house (living abroad for a few years), I have a giant closet and no marketplace to sell so I am not flipping. However, our San Francisco house has space limitations that makes sure I don't have more than 5 purses at a time. [emoji24]
  11. I always buy a bag intending to keep it. Sometimes it doesn't work out so I'll sell it.
    It might be a thing for a small number of fashionista who must have the latest style, but not for the majority, more sensible folk [emoji16][emoji16]
  12. I am a strict follower of the "one in, one out" rule. I don't want to own more than 5 bags (not counting sports duffles and luggage), because I don't change my bags too often and I don't want them to be sitting in my closet. So as I got myself a pretty Furla bucket bag in Venice this week one bag has to go.
    Then again I am not emotionally attached to my bags.
    To each his / her own I would think. :smile:

  13. +1 I also think tastes can change over time and of course lifestyle can as well. I sell anything collecting dust or that has proven to be not functional for my lifestyle. That money always hoes to fund yet another bag as well.
  14. I wouldn't consider myself a flipper in the sense of needing to have the latest and greatest bags, but I do often buy bags only to let them go months later if they don't work out for me. I buy most of them online so it's hard to see if the color and style really works with your wardrobe, your height, whether they're comfortable on the shoulder or crossbody style, etc. Even if I do buy them in the store, that happens too.

    I'm even worse with shoes. I'd try them in the store and they seem fine, and then when I actually wear them out they pinch and give me blisters. At least handbags are relatively easy to sell.
  15. I want to keep my stuff for decades, but to each her/his own. If I can get a bargain from a flipper who cared well for their things then I'm very happy about their habits ;D
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