Is Baby Yellow Lamb Classic Flap in Stores Yet?

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  1. Ok, so I know from a couple of threads and photos that there is an easter yellow colour coming out in lambskin in the jumbo and tiny size classic flap. I am DYING for one, but so far my SA here in Toronto hasn't been helpful and I'm just wondering if anyone has seen it in stores yet?? TIA
  2. yes, I saw the small one on shelves at Chanel boutique yesterday at dtwn Vancouver. It's very eye catching though; It's not bright lime yellow, but hint of soft yellow green,; at some angle, it even have a colour of little chick !
  3. oooo sounds really cute and summary, please post a pix if you get one
  4. Ooooo so they are starting to come in!! Thanks so much!
  5. Are there any pictures of this yellow ?
  6. I would love to see pictures too.