Is Baby Cabas returning for Spring/Summer 07?

  1. I thought i saw a post on this, but couldn't find it. I have fallen love with this bag given all you beautiful pictures :nuts: !!! Would love to know if it will return for the spring and if waitlist is the way to go? Thanks for any help!
  2. According to the SA in Harrods (London) the Cabas is being released in black and white and the waitlist for both is full and closed. Chanel will be releasing the Cabas in denim for the summer and there is room on that waitlist. She didn't mention any other colours.

    My local stockist here in The Hague said they're getting black and denim. I'm going to the Chanel store in Amsterdam tomorrow to see what's the haps there.

    As for the US, I have no idea - might be the same.
  3. Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle is getting the baby Cabas in black and white for spring. They are receiving 8 black bags (not sure how many white but it is less) so if you want to reserve one, email and tell her Roberta sent you.
  4. Im dying to see the denim bag IRL..sounds cool
  5. Does anybody know if the price will go up for it? Thanks.
  6. I believe it is being released in patent also.
  7. pics please?
  8. I never bought this bag when I had the chance..........since it is coming back in black and in white....I'll have to decide which color I want!!!!
  9. Denim? Anyone know about this?
  10. I saw a picture of the denim today. It's a really nice darkish demin colour (not too dark though) and it's the same style as the original Cabas - with no quilting on the base and the CC's embroided on the sides. It's the size of the Baby Cabas though. I'm pretty sure the hardware was silver, the picture was quite small and I didn't really think to take notice.
  11. I want one of these so bad...I am going to try to get on a list for the black...I would love to see it in denim though.
  12. I saw it in the Look Book and was a bit surprised the denim was so dark. For some reason, I was expecting a slightly faded denim.
  13. I wish they'd do some more colors. I love this bag!
  14. I know the feeling! All these gorgeous pics of you guys with you baby cabas :nuts: :love:
  15. Yes black, white and denim - my SA just told me about them on Saturday - apparently we can still get on this list too!!!