Is AZur will be discontinued product?

  1. I saw on eBay seller always ads about azur product is sold out everywhere. is azur will discontinued product?

    seller on eBay sold azur speedy 25 for 695$ - 799$

    I really want one . Anyone know?:sad:
  2. No Azur is not discontinued. Sellers resell for high prices because Azur is popular and there's not enough stock to go around to satisfy the wants of the people who want to purchase Azur. Awhile back there were 30+ people on the waiting list for the Azur Speedy 30 alone. I think it's better now though.
  3. thank karman
  4. Yea....sometimes eBay sellers just do that preying on people who don't do their homework!!!

    Don't pay those can buy Azur everywhere!!! the speedys have even been available again on Eluxury!
  5. Just keep checking with your boutique or eluxury. I got one so I'm sure you will be able to. Don't pay that high price. Good luck.
  6. Yup, it's permanent... I'd just stick to get one at the boutique... it's ridiculous how much the sellers jack up the price on eBay for items from this line.
  7. ITA. :yes: I've seen sellers who describe the Dentelle Speedy as "for VIP only" :rolleyes:

    I'm quite surprised by this shortage in Damier actually, there's no problems getting it at my store!