Is azur wallet practical?


Azur, damier or mono pochette wallet?

  1. azur

  2. mono

  3. damier

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  1. I'm thinking to invest in lv wallet soon. But I have been in two minds about which type of canvas I should get it in (mono, damier or azur). I'm interested in getting the pochette wallet. Azur is fresh and streamlined looking but will it get dirty fast? Those with azur wallet willing to share their experience?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I like regular mono
  3. personally i'll get a damier wallet :smile:. azur is realllllly pretty though :love:.
  4. I would go with either damier or monogram. Have you thought of what style you want? There are some styles (to me) that look better in monogram then damier.
  5. I'm interested in the pochette wallet. For background infor, I have damier speedy 30 and azur mini pochette accessories now.
  6. Azur!! I don't like monogram pattern and Damier Ebony is so so.
  7. Get the damier or mono. The azur would get dirty easily.
  8. get mono !
  9. I got my Azur wallet in April and I've used it basically every day and it still looks good, not dirty at all. I don't think you'll have a problem with dirt.
  10. i got my azur french purse last december and i can say that it's still clean and fresh looking as the day i got it :tup: haven't changed wallets since.
  11. i had a mono wallet that i bought in 1995. Gave it to my best friend and she still uses it til now! And she's been using it everyday for 12 years. It still looks pretty good! Not dirty at all. Amazing! Thats the advantage of having a mono or damier canvas. Durable and low maintenance.
  12. I voted for mono.
  13. mono koala~!
  14. I would get either mono or damier since I never change wallets so I wouldn't want to worry about azur getting dirty.
  15. I voted mono. I just think it's a classic timeless look. You can get the others later to go with other bags.