Is Azur speedy that pretty??? ** Long**

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  1. Great to hear people like it, Nita. I hope to get something from that line soon. Was it hard to find things to wear with it?
  2. Yes, its a gorgeous bag. Even my guy friends like the damier azur pattern. :smile:
  3. great review Nita...I soo want one...understated, classy and simple....
  4. I think Azur is very pretty and it definitely deserved all the compliments it got!!! :heart:
  5. I'm glad you got a lot of compliments on your bag. I'm sure you'll keep getting them. The color of the Azur line is very soothing to people. If anything gets me into a speedy, it's the Azur!;)
  6. Its so nice to get compliment on you bag or outfit!
    The azur is so pretty!
  7. Yes...they are that pretty....and aren't we glad and lucky we get to carry them!!!:graucho: :yes:

    I get compliments too....the ones that make me laugh a bit are..."Is it real?"...ahhhh Yes..its REAL!:nuts:
  8. Sounds like a great day! But, Nita, YOU make any bag look fabulous!!!!
  9. I love Azur and it looks incredible on you! Expect many more complements!!

    Makes me want to break mine out and carry it! LOL
  10. Nita, It's not only "fresh and not in your face like MC" it's a soothing, subtle shade of beachy sand and cross between a Lady Di pink without being prissy or baby. Very calming in color. Glad it was so fresh that it brought out the best in ppl that you received so many compliments? Maybe the combination of a beautiful woman carrying a lovely purse bring out the best in ppl.:love:
  11. azur is lovely!!!!! nice to know we're not the only ones who think so.
  12. I love azur it is very pretty! glad you're getting a ton of compliments. many of my coworkers liked the speedy, one of them said it's now her fav LV. heck, my bf even liked it and he doesn't like many of the bags I have.
  13. that's great that people actually took the time to give you "positive" reactions to your new bag! most of the time i get remarks like "is that real" and "where did you get that from"
  14. sounds like an awesome day for you! Good to hear people love that line, makes me miss my Azur pochette!

  15. I think Azur pattern will pretty much go with any outfits as long as not big patterned kind of outfit.

    I was woman in black today and of course Azur gave some feminine touch to my outfit.