Is Azur speedy that pretty??? ** Long**


got tempted easily!
Apr 11, 2006
I carry my Azur Speedy today for errands, I got so many complements especially in one day and the day isn't over yet. It's crazy,I couldn't believe it!! Is today nice women day?? No woman I met gave me hate look :nuts: :wtf:

One Nurse at Bloodbank asked me who made the bag?? I told her it's Louei but I clarified Louis Vuitton. She said it's so pretty :love:

I went to the bank, the teller said , I love your bag it's so cute where did you get it?? I told her LV, she asked me how much :rolleyes: sighhhh

The Librarian said you always carry pretty bag, is it new?? I love this one a lot ..

On the way home I stopped by the bakery, I guess the cashier saw Louis vuitton writting on the bag and asked me, Is that from Louis Vuitton?? I said Yes :smile: and she said I have never seen this kind of bag before, is it new?? I said yes, this line just came out last month but I think you will see more of it next year. She said she really like it..

I think Azur is pretty and I know some PFers think so too but I didn't expect "general public" think so . I know that we adore so many bags from LV but don't appeal to non LV lovers/ non designer bags lovers in general.

I love my Azur even more now.. :love:

I thought I just have to share it with you all...
I think that the Azur is such a nice looking color and it really stands out right now. I think the market is flooded with Mono fakes :sad: so when someone sees something new, they actually take notice. I'm sure I'd drool over your bag if I actually saw it in person. I'm currently drooling over my azur pochette...I'd better watch the vachetta!!
I think azur is nice (white is always a soothing color :yes:) but is it high maintenance since it's white? I really feel like getting a little something from this line, like a cles or something but I'm afraid if I keep it inside my damier speedy, the red will bleed onto it. What do you think?
Nita, I think that is so wonderful that so many people took notice of your azur speedy! It's nice when other people notice...thanks for sharing that story with us! I want one too but not until spring time here when the weather gets a little nicer. :smile:
I love your Azur Speedy as well! I would love to get one - one day..:love: And its so nice to get compliments. Its so fun to hear nice things. It is so pretty! I'm really loving Speedys - and want more Speedys in my collection. I have so much to look forward to in 2007. I know my mono speedy isn't the last speedy. :rolleyes: