Is Azur speedy that pretty??? ** Long**

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  1. I carry my Azur Speedy today for errands, I got so many complements especially in one day and the day isn't over yet. It's crazy,I couldn't believe it!! Is today nice women day?? No woman I met gave me hate look :nuts: :wtf:

    One Nurse at Bloodbank asked me who made the bag?? I told her it's Louei but I clarified Louis Vuitton. She said it's so pretty :love:

    I went to the bank, the teller said , I love your bag it's so cute where did you get it?? I told her LV, she asked me how much :rolleyes: sighhhh

    The Librarian said you always carry pretty bag, is it new?? I love this one a lot ..

    On the way home I stopped by the bakery, I guess the cashier saw Louis vuitton writting on the bag and asked me, Is that from Louis Vuitton?? I said Yes :smile: and she said I have never seen this kind of bag before, is it new?? I said yes, this line just came out last month but I think you will see more of it next year. She said she really like it..

    I think Azur is pretty and I know some PFers think so too but I didn't expect "general public" think so . I know that we adore so many bags from LV but don't appeal to non LV lovers/ non designer bags lovers in general.

    I love my Azur even more now.. :love:

    I thought I just have to share it with you all...
  2. :nuts: Love it when others love our bags:graucho: Azur is indeed pretty:love:
  3. I do think it's a likeable bag, light and pleasant lol. I'm def getting something from the line this spring. Glad to hear +++ reaction from others.
  4. ^ I know..I normally don't really care much with what others think but yeah it's nice ..

  5.'s recommended!!
  6. I think that the Azur is such a nice looking color and it really stands out right now. I think the market is flooded with Mono fakes :sad: so when someone sees something new, they actually take notice. I'm sure I'd drool over your bag if I actually saw it in person. I'm currently drooling over my azur pochette...I'd better watch the vachetta!!
  7. I think azur is nice (white is always a soothing color :yes:) but is it high maintenance since it's white? I really feel like getting a little something from this line, like a cles or something but I'm afraid if I keep it inside my damier speedy, the red will bleed onto it. What do you think?
  8. Awww Bagsnbags I am so glad you got so many compliments!! It is definitely a gorgeous bag!
  9. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I want my Azur even mooooreee! I can't wait! I'm so jealous Nita! but am glad you had a great day full of compliments!
  10. Nita, I think that is so wonderful that so many people took notice of your azur speedy! It's nice when other people notice...thanks for sharing that story with us! I want one too but not until spring time here when the weather gets a little nicer. :smile:
  11. I love your Azur Speedy as well! I would love to get one - one day..:love: And its so nice to get compliments. Its so fun to hear nice things. It is so pretty! I'm really loving Speedys - and want more Speedys in my collection. I have so much to look forward to in 2007. I know my mono speedy isn't the last speedy. :rolleyes:
  12. aww, I love getting compliments from complete strangers, so thats really nice to hear! I LOVE the azur, and I cant WAIT to get my hands on a speedy next year, yay for you today!
  13. Thats great... Positive people out there.... Love it...
  14. Thanks Ladies...I guess Azur has fresh looks but not too much in your face like MC line..
  15. ITA Nita!! I think the Azur is my fave collection yet.. aside from the MC and Cerises. :roflmfao: