Is Azur speedy only for summer??

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  1. yeah i saw some TPF'ers got Azur speedy for valentine's day and I called LV shop for availability. Normally here (Australia) can get more easier than Usa so i thought i can just get it..but SA told me there is more than 25people waitin for speedy25 and they only bring 2 for every one week or two weeks period...:wtf:. Last time i put on hold but call them back i dun want it bcoz i changed my mind....Anywai, i called another shop and they hav no waiting list but just sold out so i hav to wait another 2 weeks to get it...
    but my concern is, I think azur is only for summer period....Over here is now hot summer and from next money turning to autumn....bit worrying that i can not carry many times mayb the bag looks cold on winter and i normally wear gray and black colour clothes....ummmm.....What do u guys think???
    Do u guys think it doesnt matter winter or not??? :confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. I'd wear it all year! :yes:
  3. it'll be fine all year. in fact a black coat with the azur speedy sounds good to me.
  4. year round.
  5. I'd wear it all year around.

    I wear white/red etc bags in Winter.

    I don't really care about the "season" of the bag, especially as my bags are mostly light colours (i hate black bags)

    I just want to inject some colour during the drab cold months when i'm wearing darker colours.
  6. I'd wear it all year. It's versatile enough.
  7. Thanks guys~ i hope they call me to pick up the bag soon..:yes::yes:
  8. I plan to use mine this weekend. And it's winter over here.
  9. i've worn my azur speedy during the coldest days here. it cheers me up! :smile:
  10. Def. all year. It's winter in Germany and I'm already using my 25... it's gorgeous :love:
  11. Definately all year round.
    It's absolutely gorgeous.

    I have never liked the Damier pattern, but in Azur it's absolutely beautiful.
  12. It would really look good in winter was well.... Imagine... white coat... and Azur speedy... and a pair of blue jeans???...
  13. once the patina set in, it should be all year round bag :smile: good luck!
  14. Someone had photos in the reference thread, wearing the azur with dark fall/winter clothing, and it looked very nice.
  15. hmmm, I guess I am the only one....I think sping and summer mainly, might stretch in to fall....but no winter....jmho