Is Azur permanent line??

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  1. I just have question...
    not sure if Azur is permanent line or just for limited times...
    Is it gonna for a while?? :confused1::confused1:
  2. i believe its a permanent line
  3. yes, permanent
  4. For now...
  5. I've heard a lot of different stories on this but I believe it is permanent for the time being. Could change in the future though and be discontinued like the mini monogram was.
  6. I heard it was permanent, but really who knows, it has been it seems in limited quantity.
  7. it's a permanent line, i guess pp have the impression of 'seasonal' or 'LE' is becuase the demand is greater than the supply, so naturally pp have to waitlist for it, thus creat this illusion.
  8. I've been told by my SA that's gonna be permanent but - what I've seen - is that they've created the buzz about it so everybody run to get one :yes: , then they slowed down and in my LV shop they'll start receiving the "bulk" in April for the summer season...
  9. permanent line and yes they are creating a hype. But if you live in Japan you could get any piece.
  10. ^^ oh, in the Netherlands too :yes: , but it's like they will receive loads more pieces begin April to be ready for the summer...
  11. ^TIA... Any other stores carry LV besides Amsterdam? I travelling there next week.
  12. i agree with the hype thing. i believe its permanent. welll i hope its permanent cos i'm waiting for the different styles to come in azur~ :drool:
  13. permanente!
  14. Perm. Except for the pampelonne, both of those were one shots.
  15. That's good to hear :yes: