Is Azur a good next bag??

  1. I'm always thinking one bag ahead....ha ha! I have an LV speedy that I love. But I have a 2 year old so it is hard to hold onto him and the bag too. I think I will enjoy it more when he gets bigger.

    I have a big Gucci Pelham I love and a new Chanel petite tote. Do you think the Azur Saleya would be a good next addition? I haven't seen these in real life. We do have an LV pretty close.

    Thanks for your help!!! I'm a new forum member and I LOVE this place!
  2. Go see it, it is LOVELY!

    I just put myself on waitlist for the Neverfull MM in Azur.
  3. Azur is a great next least I hope so as it's going to be my next bag as well..I'm just not sure which one yet. Please be sure to let us know what you decide.
  4. I have a Sayelya MM and it is a great bag!!!

  5. I am thinking about the Salyea in Azur or the Noe in Azur. I want a shoulder bag that can hold a lot.
  6. I am trying to decide if i want the Saleya MM or the Neverfull MM in azur. I think it's a great next bag I may get both and use the neverfull as a beach tote.
  7. YES I love the Saleya. I personally am waiting for the Neverfull (due to $$), but I absolutely love the look of the Saleya. Go for it!
  8. Thanks guys! So the Neverfull is on waitlist? Will let you know what I decide:smile:
  9. I think so! What ever you get, post pics! :tup:
  10. Are they making the Neverfull in Azur, is that definite?

    I would say go for the Azur Saleya. I think the handles are longer on this bag so more comfortable for you. Also, with spring/summer coming it will be so pretty!
  11. It's a beautiful bag, you should definitely check it out and keep us posted!
  12. that'd be a great next bag, and just in time for spring. =)
  13. I tried the Saleya MM in the store, and persoanlly didnt like the round handle, one of them kept falling off the shoulder and wide base was I'm waiting for the neverfull in azur, not so patiently though.
  14. Yes they are making the neverfull in azur, but earliest release date is Nov. Another bad to consider is the Hempstead it is coming out in all 3 sizes March 1st in Azur. It is available now in the ebene to see what it looks like on
  15. I agree, I didnt care for the Saleya either...those darn handles would not stay on my shoulder. I am getting the Azure Neverfull when it comes out for sure :tup: