Is Legit?

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  1. Hello All,

    I've searched high and low for a pair of Pigalle's and the only place that has them is avenuek. I didn't see them listed as a recommended vendor so before I make my purchase are they legit and could anyone share their buying experience? Can you return items? How long and how much was shopping. Any help would be appreciated!!

  2. It's perfectly legit but be very, very careful. Just like ebay, they have individual sellers, and should a problem arise, the customer service is not very helpful. If you have a question, they simply tell you to ask your seller, which is not acceptable. I just placed an order and found out that after days of delaying the shipment, the seller switched carriers without telling me first, when I was assured in our 10+ messages conversation that she would use a specific carrier. I'm beyond upset as the shipping method chosen will cause my parcel to be delivered by the local post office and not a private company. Therefore, there is no guarantee I'll get my package as the new shipping method don't require a signature, I be forced to go pick it up 45 minutes away from home, (local PO workers don't deliver large boxes at home) AND WORSE I'll most likely be forced to pay the customs fees twice, as my local P.O is outdated and who knows if they even know that customs can be payed in advance. This whole situation is very stressful. When you buy luxury items and want them delivered internationally, trust me you do not want anything to go wrong with customs.
    I sent a message to both my seller and the customer care service, and no answer for the moment. If I'm forced to refuse the package (I will definitely not pay an extra $300 in taxes) I'll ask for a refund, and if they give me store credit (which I do not want) I'll file a chargeback with my CC company.
  3. Edit : I emailed the customer service and they contacted my seller immediately. The situation is getting fixed as the package was still in the seller's possession (as it happens, only the shipping label was printed and the package was about to be picked up when I messaged her so it's kind of a miracle it wasn't too late). I have to admit, kudos to the customer service and to my seller for reacting so quickly. Will I order from AvenueK again? If there is nothing wrong with my package when I receive it, then yes, absolutely! I believe it was a one-time confusion so I don't see why not.

    I don't know if it answers your question...All I can say is that you need to ask as many questions as possible to your seller BEFORE placing an order (especially if you live outside the US) and check their feedback page. The shipping costs is clearly displayed when you put the item in your cart and you can ask the seller to combine shipping for multiple items. Also, customs fees and taxes are supposedly payed in advance (I haven't checked if it's true as I'm still waiting for my package) so it seems you don't have to pay anything else when the package arrives.
  4. Thank you so much Selmita! I was going to order a pair of shoes that I was deserately looking for but was able to purchase them from HarveyNichols.

    I noticed that many of the shoes were marked up extremely unless it was an item I really, really wanted I would pass...

    I hope everything works out w/your purchase...again thanks for your feedback...