Is Artsy being discontinued?

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  1. My SA told me it was (this was about 6 months ago) but I still see it being sold, and other SAs I have talked to said they have not heard that. Anyone have any info on this? My SA has only been with the company for about a year, so maybe she was mistaken...

    I have always loved this bag...even with the cracking and glazing issues, I still want to give it a chance because it's so beautiful!

    Does anyone think this style has become "tired" or "overdone"? Do we think this bag it's on its way down from the height of all her glory? When I google image the bag I get a lot of consignment pictures, and makes me wonder if people are over it and now want to sell? Thoughts?
  2. I hope not, i dont have one but it is on my radar. It is a style that is fairly unique to lv that would be dumb to d/c it.
  3. I love Artsy and imho it is a new classic. It still takes my breath every time I see it out. I currently own a DA artsy and at one point 2 Empreinte. I agree that there are a lot on the secondary market. I think some people find them not comfortable, too hard to get into, and for the Empreinte too heavy. I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon. At some point I will add a monogram preloved to my collection. Definitely don't feel that it is tired.
  4. Nope. I plan to keep and use mine (DA/Mono) for the long haul. I love them! Keep in mind they are big. But, even though I don't put much in them, they still keep their shape. Having said that, just like any other bag choice, what might work for one person, might not work for another. Might I suggest you read up on the Artsy clubhouse (I know you've popped in there already) and take note of the cons mentioned and see if they are a deal breaker to you or not. The Artsy's work for me as I don't carry a lot, and I like that I can switch from shoulder carry (I know, many say it's not a shoulder bag but it works for me) elbow and hand. GLD
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    I think the Artsy is one of the best bag out in LV. I never get tired looking at it when my mom carry it, or any strangers with it. Sure it could be uncomfortable to some with the canvas versions or heavy with the Empreinte version...but to anyone looking into this bag, try it out in store.

    I hope it won't ever be discontinued, LV created some hobo bags that look like the Artsy-like the Gaia. LV seem to branch out the Artsy linage with creation of the Metis Hobo, Babylone, Soffi, Tournon, Cassia Hobo, and Bagatelle.
    Even Gucci has it own version now. Prada used to had their version of the Artsy. LOL
    So I don't think it not a very tired looking bag either.
  6. It's an incredibly popular bag and I think it would be silly to discontinue it. I would say in my city, this is the second most common LV bag after the NF. I would love to have one of my own someday; it's really a unique look.
  7. Short answer, No
  8. Yeah, I'm not sure why the SA said that!!! Maybe it was because I asked if the known issues had been resolved (peeling/cracking) and she could have just been deterring me from buying?

    It really is so beautiful! Oh, she also said it was being replaced by another bag with the braided handle...I assume she meant the Gaïa? But to me, looks totally different...

    Defiantly love the Artsy more.
  9. I went to Louis store last weekend my SA told me if you want one get it soon it's being discontinued

  10. Yeah, I really wonder...

    That's sad. Love this bag. I called 1-866 Vuitton last night to ask about it, and the guy said as far as he knows they are not being discontinued, and he checked and saw that they are still being produced.

    Of course LV knows this is such a hot seller because of the style, probably just sick of everyone returning the bag or needing to get it repaired due to quality control problems. I'm sure the Artsy makes so much money for the company, but maybe they're just over the hassle and bad name it's giving LV?

    I really would love to know what the truth is!
  11. I heard the mono isn't being discontinued but the others are

  12. You mean the Emp. And DA?
  13. It wasn't on the list of discontinued bags.. I think it's safe.
  14. Where do we find the list?