Is Argent color always metallic?

  1. Argent is always metallic .I looked at the pictures and it just looks like a difference in lighting.I have an argent from 06 and it is alot more metallic than 07.07 looks more taupe/metallic.
    Argent and Anthracite.jpg
  2. Thanks! :smile: So the 07 Argent is still metallic, just less so than the 06 versions?
  3. Still metallic just less.Do a search of argent in titles and the recent ones talk about the color difference.
  4. You can see the argent for '07 on I bought it a few weeks ago and it's the taupe metallic.:smile: It's not a garish metallic. I have the US Shopper from '06 in the anthracite metallic and it's "brighter." I think if you are looking for a metallic that is more subtle, you will love the argent. :heart: (BTW, the one on NM is not the's the medium.) They are SO STUPID...I TOLD them they had the wrong size up there, but they have never changed it! :cursing: The argent medium paddy is also on NAP...:smile:
  5. Thanks! :smile:

    So is the Argent on Diabro a good representation? Just got a reply from an email I sent Diabro and they suggest that it is when comparing to the actual bag.
  6. I have the same question. I want the Argent mini, but would like it not to be so metallicky (is this a word;))
  7. Well if anyone gets the argent bag there is a metallic taupe long paddy wallet on sale at bluefly that would look lovely with the bags pictured above:yes:
  8. I decided not to go with the Argent mini. At this stage I can only afford ONE Paddy, for at least the next 8 weeks. I was tossing up between the Argent mini, Canelle medium, Nutmeg/Muscade medium and thought about which one I'd be most upset about if I missed out. I realised that the Nutmeg/Muscade would be my best bet, so I've just ordered that from NAP!!! :yahoo:
  9. Your going to love it! I just got mine last week! It looks great with jeans. Enjoy it!