is arbor mist any good

  1. i want to try it anyone drink arbor mist and what kind ?
  2. it's alcohol kool-aid and i could chug a bottle and not catch a buzz.. maybe that's just me though..

  3. Ditto. It's along the same line as Boones. If you like that, you'll like Arbor Mist. It would take me 2-3 bottles to really do anything to me in college.
  4. arbor mist is good but its not going to get you drunk. To me its like drinking flavored water (is that bad LOL)
  5. 'Good' is really subjective and I've never had it but it wouldn't be in the category of 'good wine'. I'm not a wine snob, there are a couple of cheap wines that I love, but the only wine that should have fruit involved is sangria IMO. If you try it and like it then that's all that matters though.;)
  6. It tastes good. It's basically just like a big wine cooler. It's not "good wine," but if you like it who cares. I had one that was blackberry I think. It was just sweet & fruity, didn't taste like real wine.
  7. It's "good" if you are a poor college student and have no more than $4.00 to spend on wine! I used to drink it back in those days and it tastes okay. I wouldn't serve it to guests, though.

    Otherwise, try sangria for something a little more sophisticated but with the same fruity flair.
  8. thanks they said it was like wine thats why i wanted to try it .i guess il try it if i do not like it no big deal its 4 bucks.
  9. It's lovely! I drink all kinds of wine, this is more like a wine cooler, goes down really easy, and I sure do get drunk from it. Let's not be snobby about this, it's no fine wine, but if it tastes good then who cares. *nods*
  10. I like it, its refreshing with a bunch of fruit dumped
  11. My friends use it as mix,with vodka and sprite.:weird:

  12. Hmm, that is actually a really good idea. Now you have me wanting to try it again, too! :smile:
  13. Depends how much of a snob you are. I think a lot of people claim to dislike things like this that actually taste pretty good because they're considered low-class or something for those without a sophisticated palate. I used to work at a winery, and our winemaker always said that you shouldn't ever let anyone tell you what should taste good or shame you for liking something cheap or unrefined.

    Give it a shot. It's only $4-$6, from what I remember, so the risk is small if you don't like it. Like others have said, mixing it with fruit or other types of drinks would probably yield some decent results because the flavor of Arbor Mist isn't particularly strong or offensive.
  14. It's one of the only "wines" I like. It tastes like juice.
  15. I co-worker used to rave about this all the time but she wasn't really a wine drinker. So, me a wine lover, had to of course try it. I think there are different flavors? This was a few years back but I did not care for it at all. To me it tasted like flat orange soda.