Is aqua too much like FB to have both?

  1. Sorry for the drama (even though it makes life super fun) but I am still having this major dilemma (yes, major) You know I love my FB, but I can't get aqua out of my mind. Is that too much blue to have? I know that they are totally different, but are they too similar? If that makes sense. I know I am so annoying w/ these questions, but I need all of your honest opinions.

    This is my collection thus far: Black city, vif city, vert d'eau city, FB city, truffle city, BI coin purse, VG clutch.

    Or do I stay away from color for a bit and try to find greige? TIA
  2. Hmmm I think about what colors will be able to go with what color outfits. I always said when I got my 2nd bag I'd want an aquamarine BUT then I realized that aqua prob. goes with even less in my wadrobe than Vert - BUT in your case you already have truffe & black, so you have already have two bags that will pretty much go with everything that your colored bbags won't :jammin:

    You could always order one, admire it & then see if you can send her back or just love her too much :p

    OT, but how do you like your truffe, Shasta? I'm expecting to recieve a truffe twiggy today :smile:
  3. Shasta girl i love your FB.:yes: Even though they are both different Blues i would just stick with FB. If you really want to have the Aqua too, i would get a wallet or some thing else (just my opinion).:heart:
  4. I say GET IT if you are thinking about it that much! I LOVE my Aqua but you have brighter colors in your collection than mine. You will LOVE it once you get it! Are you going to get another City or a different style?
  5. I would get a city. Is it too much like my BI coin purse though? I can't get your Aqua out of my head MRG. I would never get rid of my FB to fund this purchase, I mean can I have both w/out being repeatitive?
  6. I definitely think so. Even if your BI coin purse is close in's a small accessory not a bag. I say GO FOR IT! I'm glad my bag brought you over to the AQUA side!:devil: :roflmfao:
  7. I don't think Aqua and French Blue are anything alike. I actually think of French Blue as more of a fall / winter blue for some reason, and Aqua as true spring /summer blue. If you already had Turquoise, that would be one thing, but French Blue is absolutely different from Aqua
  8. This whole turqouise and aqua thing is killing me. I have searched previous threads and looked at all of the comparison pics of the two, but I still don't know how diff. they are from each other. Even though I don't have turq. this may be as close to it as I get w/ out paying $2200 for it!
  9. I don't think they are too much alike ......
    definitely get both :yes:
  10. In my opinion... you can never have too many blues!! :p

    After seeing FB in person, I can say they are DEFINATELY different colors, and it wouldn't be repetitive to get both, they would go with different things.
  11. i don think FB and Acqua are alike...get both!
  12. Shasta, I have a cornflower city and an aqua city. I had this dilemma too, but decided on the aqua because they are different blues, and I just LOVE blue. I decided against a neutral (sandstone and greige were tops in the running) because my husband said I'm just not a neutral-colored person. I like bright colors. Aqua is so hot this season and I predict will be one of the top-selling bags on eBay in years to come because of the great color.
  13. check these ones out ....aqua has those greenish sea-like tones that turquoise doesnt have ... this pic isnt the best but i would never compare those two to be honest , both blues but so different for me, would never be able to sell one of them ! ;) that said i think aqua is SOO much different than FB ... wouldnt waste a minute but just go and get it ...:love:
    aquaturq.JPG aquaturq2.JPG
  14. You're the best. Thank you for the comparison pics. That was beyond thoughtful of you. :heart:

    Does anyone have a comparison pic of FB next to aqua? That would be PERFECTION.
  15. Oh, no - they are not the same at all! They would function very differently in a wardrobe!

    To me, French Blue and Aquamarine (or Turquoise) are must haves in a wardrobe (separately) even if one can't afford all-Balenciaga.