Is Apple Guard for new LV bags only?

  1. Hello everyone! This is my first time to post a new thread so please be kind :sweatdrop:!

    I have a few LV pieces and I was wondering if Apple Guard is supposed to be used for new bags only? I am getting Apple Guard from a friend flying in from the US and was wondering if I can use it on my Mono Speedy 30 and my Neverfull MM, both of which are about 5-6 months old. I'm particularly concerned about my Speedy's handles since they're starting to get a little dirty. Should I use magic eraser first and then the Apple Guard?

    I've tried to read up on the other threads but I haven't seen anything specific as to when Apple Guard can be used apart from using it on new bags to prevent it from getting dirty (though it will still acquire patina right)?

    Tips and comments would be greatly appreciated! :p Thanks in advance!
  2. not necessarily... I have applied apple guard to some new bags... but some I rub down with the old magic eraser and apply the conditioner =)
  3. thanks so much Mike! So i would need Apple Guard, Magic Eraser and Conditioner and do I use them in that same order as well? :smile:
  4. If it's a new bag just go ahead and apply apple guard... for pre-owned pieces, I would clean with the magic eraser and than use apple guard afterwards =)
  5. And use a light touch!
  6. Im the same as mike.. almost.. Used = Eraser than conditioner than Apple Guards. Loads of it!! Ha!! a word of caution not all conditioner. Some will darken the Vachetta, i use LMB moisturiser. Its good.
  7. thank you sooo much for all your help! so since my bags are 5-6 months old already when i get my apple guard and apple care leather thingy - i'll use magic eraser first, then the conditioner, then the apple guard spray. yay! :smile: