Is anything real anymore?

  1. We always discuss fake handbags, shoes, etc. but now car companies themselves are selling their logos to "fake" your car...
    Car Owners Can Fake it With Luxury Emblems - AOL News

    LMAO This is actually not a new thing, for years car collectors have had their cars repainted to look like more expensive models in the line and Gm has always sold their emblems in their parts departments (not that many of you will have a clue what I am talking about but in the 70's the most popular thing to do was buy a bottom of the line Chevrolet Malibu and buy their Super Sport SS emblems and stick them on- I still see them all over today and as with handbags, etc, you can usually spot a fake a mile away).
  2. My husband had a Harley-Davidson Ford pickup the first year they came out in 1999... that truck drew so much attention. He finally sold it. The emblems became one of the most sought after items to steal! We knew some friends who had theirs stolen -- and had to pay a lot of money to buy (probably stolen ones again) through ebay to replace them.

    Years ago, when car phones were brand new, a coworker at the time began manufacturing fake antennas for the back of cars. They just stuck on the back windshield.

    He literally became a millionaire in a very short time with the sales of those fake antennas!
  3. So, the rich are practicing 'stealth wealth', while the less well off are trying to fake being rich! :lol:
  4. Now a days, everything that can be faked, is faked. This article reminded me of fake bags. People carry them to try to fake being "well off or rich".
  5. lol, I know of people changing their car to say the cheaper model to prevent but not the opposite.
  6. I saw a honda with a Rolls Royce angel on the front.
  7. I don't think of that as being 'fake', afterall the Honda could never claim to be A RR just because of the angel! It's more like 'dressing up' putting a Hermes scarf on a Prada bag, nothing wrong with that surely?
  8. LMAO this guy my fiancee works with had a Chevy Silverado but put a Cadillac Escalade grill on it!!
  9. In India, you even get fake cellphone chargers!!!
  10. WOW...cell phone chargers?!! That has got to be the most pathetic!
  11. ^ Oh, I don't the Western world, maybe. :yes:

    But in a developing country, where cell phones are still beyond the reach of most people? Maybe not.

  12. Good point. :yes: