is anyones else bag like this

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  1. Is this normal??

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  2. Mine is line up perfectly - no doesn´t look like yours. I´m sorry.
  3. Thankyou!! Ive seen some that are not aligned at all!! but wasnt sure about this!
  4. Sometimes the perfect ones are fake..
  5. I wish I knew!! it has cloth tag, and receipt and looks in amazing conidtion!! I just dont know bc it looks like the top two designs are diff than bottom two

  6. I will pull mine out and look. I will post a picture.
  7. Thank You!!!

  8. Ok, so maybe mine is a bad example.. Mine matches up.
    But I have seen some that haven't.
    You can always post on the authenticate this thread if you have a link to where you bought it.
    By the way, I have yet to see a fake with a cloth tag..

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  9. Thank you!!! Yours looks amazing!!! Maybe the receipt etc is fake or something! I dont know how to do the link or I def would!!

  10. Where did you buy it?
  11. I havent yet, I put in a offer on ebay!! Its still pending but i cancelled it in case!! She has the receipt, little holder etc that comes with it, but the bottom makes me nervous!!

  12. If you want me to post it on the authentic this thread for you all I need is the item number..
  13. Looks fake to me...LV bags are made from one long piece of material so the bottom would not be a separate piece! Ill post a pic of mine as an example. Looks fake to me.
  14. I can't zoom enough to see the stitching.
    It looks just like the bottom of mine that I purchased in April from the LV store.
  15. mine is perfect, no misaligned pattern at the seam