Is anyone's DH or BF a trader?

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  1. I mean, a professional trader with a firm/clearinghouse/bank, not a day-trader.

    How do they handle family life? Do they take home the stress of trading?

  2. They go to work really early (5-6am), and get back around 6pm. They are known to have the "best" hours for finance jobs.

    I know traders who are homebodies, and I know traders who go out every night. It totally depends on personality. Most go to sleep relatively early though.
  3. My "real" job is at a financial firm. Our trading floor is occupied by almost entirely young, single guys. They're all adrenaline junkies. Even the few who are a little older or married are super busy and work the oddest hours (they're working on Tokyo or Ausi hours). I don't think you could pay me enough to work down there. The stress alone would drive me bonkers, but the hours would send me to the loonie bin.
  4. If you trade, then you usually need some outlet for the stress. Most tend to work out a lot, drink/party a lot (not a good choice) or leave. One colleague of mine now runs the desk and races Nascar-type cars every weekend. He says it helps to put things into perspective when he has his life on the line.

    It really depends on what he trades and where as well. Is he in arbs at Bear (ouch), or does he trade municipals at a smaller firm (much calmer)? It is totally possible to lead a normal life, with much better hours than the bankers. Just make sure he (and most are "he"s) has an outlet for that stress and let him do it. If he needs to play golf all day on Saturdays, then you have to let him so he doesn't explode.
  5. Thanks, ladies, I appreciate your input! Trading IS a super, super high-pressure, scary job which makes me kind of hesitant to get in a relationship with a trader.

    I am also a little less than thrilled by the potential for immediate and thorough ruin, but I guess if you're "good" that doesn't happen. Who knows, though!

    Hopefully we get some more insights, too!
  6. I don't like to generalize, and I mean NO offense to anyone who is a trader or has a trader in their life, but in my experience a LOT of them are compulsive gamblers and/or drug users. Especially the gambling, since in a sense, it's what they do for a living anyway. Also, they wake up super early and go to bed at like 8 pm...which makes dating really stressful. Proceed with caution.
  7. The trader I know is married and he works pretty normal hours.
  8. Please don't get carried away. I was on Wall Street for years, running M&A at a large firm. Really, most of us are ok. You'll be able to tell if the guys a jerk or not. If he's flashing around his $$$ and talking big about work all the time, he's a jerk. If not, he deserves a chance.
  9. Well, to be honest, that also applies to more than one i-banker I know!

    I really appreciate your words of caution, however. I've heard the same things so I *am* very wary. Thanks again, manolo!
  10. LOL Yeah...some of the guys on our trading floor are a bit nuts. I've heard some wild stories...very frat party like.

    But some of them are total gentleman who just love their super stressful high pressure job. :smile:

    Just use your good judgement and make sure to communicate open and honestly. You'll be fine! :smile:
  11. hours: generally 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, unless they are trading europe or asia... in the US, the market opens at 9:30 AM, so a trader gets in an hour before to read the news, brief his salespeople, and stays an hour or so after the market closes to mark up his books. i dont know any trader who starts at 6 AM. besides, 95% of the traders are French.
    stress: no more and no less than any job that has the potential of paying $1MM (or more) a year; if he is an 888hole, he'll be an 888hole regardless whether he is trading.

    good luck!

    please refrain from making offensive remarks about other cultures and no cursing please.;)
  12. I Know A Lot Brokers/Bankers.....My Husband Is In This Field (He Prefer This All I Say...Though Feel Free To PM Me About It!)......I Know Many VERY Nice Guys...Who Started From The Buttom & Did Very Well.

    Any One Interested??? :smile: Ha!

    & They Are Just Like Anyone Else. Intlset ~ You Have Got To What Feels Right To You!!! & We All Want You Very Happy!!! :smile:
  13. uwsgirl ~ You Are So Right About The Hrs. In The US: 9:30-4...Some Come & Go Just By Those Hours.......
  14. Castocreations/Megan ~ I Didn't Know You Were In Finance!!! A Good Friend Of Mine (Also Designs Jewelry)....She's Now Home With Her Girls. She Is A Former Stockbroker. She Did Amazing. My Point: Her Sales Backround, Has Really Helped Out In This Jewelry Business. :smile:
  15. I don't know of ANYONE in banking who gets in at 8:30. And I've never noticed, or heard anyone remark, that most traders are French, of all things?? Are we talking about the same kind of trader??