Is anyone waiting?

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  1. I purchased a whiskey shoulder bag on Tuesday with the discount. Its technically not a Christmas present but I am waiting to prolong my excitement. Is anyone else waiting for Christmas to use their new goodies?
  2. Nope, as soon as my bags arrive I'm moving right on in them:yahoo:

    Well, technically, I'm a Hanukkah girl but they were purchased by me for me and not a gift -- they were a had to have.
  3. nope!!!
    that sucker is getting used as soon as fedex gets here!!!
  4. Nope - wore my sunglasses the day after I got them (b/c it was too cloudy to wear them the day I got them) and wore my hat pretty much as soon as I took it out of the box. I'm horrible with waiting . . .
  5. No way! I'm using all my stuff now. :yahoo: Because really, it's all way too pretty to be put in a box under a tree. LOL
  6. you and i may be the only ones...but i don't know how long i can hold off for!!

  7. I got my order about 2 weeks ago and i have yet to take a peak! I can't wait!!
  8. So far I have not succumbed to the new bag but its like being on a diet and knowing there is chocolate in the house. :nuts: Right now I am carrying the bag hubby got me last Christmas, a Dooney.
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. I am waiting to use/have my legacy satchel until Christmas. I must be good. I must be good.

    I had teh store wrap it. I hope i can hold out.


  11. Well, I'm not sure I can wait till Christmas, but I am prolonging it a little. Just knowing that my new bag is sitting wrapped up in that striped Coach shopping bag gives me goodie feelings!:love:

    Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.
  12. LOL NO WAY! I like my bags where I can see them, undressed and sitting pretty till I use them.
  13. I'm waiting...Sorta.. I just keep staring at how cute my new goodies are!
  14. I have a chocolate optic swing bag under my tree waiting for me for christmas =(