Is anyone using a purse organizer with a Neverfull?

  1. I just ordered a chameleon, and was wondering if a purseket is better? I thought the chameleon seemed more user friendly with the neverfull...

    I ordered a large, with an MM...
  2. I think either choice can work with the Neverfull. I have a large Purseket that I use with my Neverfull MM as well as my Cabas Mezzo. I don't have a pic of the Neverfull with the Purseket, but here's a pic of my Cabas Mezzo with my Purseket for reference.
    IMG_0025.JPG IMG_0021.JPG IMG_0024.JPG
  3. Thank you for the pictures! I ordered a chameleon to use in a number of my bags, and I will try it with the neverfull. I saw there are also bag bottoms for sale on eBay to combat the sagginess, but I try to not load mine so much that it gets that heavy...

  4. I just use a couple of pieces of cardboard (I used the LV box) cut to the shape of the Neverfull MM bottom to prevent sagginess. I also have cardboard cutouts for my Speedy as well. I would save your money and use it towards a purse or accessory instead of buying the eBay bottoms.

    I put clear packing tape over the cardboard cutouts or you could "gift wrap" the cardboard instead.... or if you have an old clean t-shirt, you could use it to cover the cutout.
  5. I may have to get one of the purse organizers... very nice!
  6. I found this thread while searching for "purse organizer" discussions, but I also use self-made cardboard (shoe box cover) inside my Neverfull MM and it makes the bag look great when I carry it, wihout the sagginess!
  7. The shoe box lid is a good idea as a base for the Neverfull MM!!!
  8. I use a medium size 'purse to go' in my Neverfull MM.

    It works great!
  9. i like that bag the way it is, without an organizer. i just use smaller bags to compartmentalize!
  10. One of my new years resolutions is to get organized. I tend to just have a purse full of stuff and I always carry sizeable bags like the the Neverfull GM so you can imagine the mess in there. So, my question is "do any of you use those purse organizers?". I've seen them on eBay for the Speedy and Neverfull but I don't know anyone who uses them. Is it worth the investment and are they good quality?
  11. i've seen them and even thought about getting one for my speedy but i kinda like the i passed but a lot of people have them and love them...
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    i bought one, and i hate it. i prefer to use pochettes for organization (primarily my poche toilette 19 and my mini pochette delightful). it also makes it easier for me to change bags because i can just grab a couple of handfuls of stuff and be done. i can easily tell what something is even without looking just by touch, so maybe that is why that works for me.

    so, here's my current list of what's in my bag:

    PT 19 (as a toiletry bag w/ a whole boatload of stuff in it)
    mini pochette (also packed up with little things)
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    Here is the link for organization

    I have organizers from my speedies and my Mon Mono NF MM. The truth to be told, the organizers work only if it is to use as a shaper. I have just hard of the time sorting through pockets as I do with the "black hole."

    Not all organizers fit into your bags, specially, if you use bags are various sizes. Which means, you have to purchase several organizers in order for them to fit into your different bags. then what would be the point? You have a switch handbags and organizers to fit the bag? So if you've been using handbags forever without an organizer, I am sure, you have your "system" by now. So you might spend some money on a few organizers then go back to your old ways.

    Also, a lot of times, when you use an organizer, you end up with less room. Because you cannot "stuff" your bag anymore.
  14. Lelliebunny that's a good idea, I do have two pochettes and a makeup bag that I never use. I may as well put them to use.
  15. Joy&LV that makes sense, I probably won't take the organizers from purse to purse, so one Speedy will be shaped and the next will sag, one Neverfull will be shaped and again, the next will sag. I know myself well enough to know that the organizer will be shoved in the closet somewhere. And I'm not gonna buy one for each bag, that'll take away from my LV fund.