Is anyone up for a trip/meet at Round Rock or San Marcos this weekend?

  1. I'm going to call tomorrow to see what Legacy and Bleeker items they have in stock...does anyone want to try to meet up for lunch or something if I go?
  2. I do! I do!! Awww... but I live too far away! Wish I could come! That'd be so much fun!
  3. Oh yes! I know you and I would have fun but you'd get me in trouble by telling me to buy everything...:roflmfao:
  4. I'd go too, if I lived closer....I'm in NY!!!!!!!!
  5. Maybe if I move back to MD we can meet up sometime. I wish we could do a nationwide meet.
  6. YES! I'm up for it if it's Sat or Sun, let me know if you are going!!!

    Man.. I don't need to buy one darn thing though.. :lol:
  7. If you move back, let me know!!!! :yes: Can you imagine the DAMAGE that would occur at the outlets if we had a nationwide meet????!!!!!!!! They would have to close off the store to tPF ONLY!!!!! Oh how cool that would be!!! :p
  8. :tdown: Darn I have no coach buddies! So I can only talk about purses here on tpf. I wish I could meet for co-coach shopping. I'm too far away also.....sorry:crybaby:
  9. I would love to - but I'm stuck in Nebraska. My mom lives in Dallas, though, so next time I come down (hopefully around Easter) if you're still living there, I'll PM you to see if you're up for a double-day - San Marcos AND Round Rock!!
  10. I'll update you after I call tomorrow and then see what excuse I can come up with to get out of the house the whole day this weekend...
  11. Well your signature says you're only banned from ONLINE shopping...this definitely wouldn't be breaking your ban! So sad I can't join ya'll :crybaby:

  12. Well, not everything!!! :shame: I mean, there are some things I don't like.... like python for example or anything with fur attached... no worries with me enabling you there! heehee! :graucho: ;)
  13. I would recommend going to the San Marcos outlet--they have a much larger selection than Round Rock and often get lots of boutique transfers...

    PM me when you know more about your schedule. I'm going to be traveling some this weekend but might be able to make lunch on Saturday.

    I'd recommend getting to the outlet when it'll have the best shot at the best goodies!
  14. Ooh this sounds like so much fun! I wish I lived closer to TX. Have fun ladies!

    I hope you guys get some fabulous deals! :yes:

  15. last couple times I went to the outlet I got there before they opened and stalked outside for like 10 minutes waiting, LOL! They probably thought I was insane :nuts: