Is anyone TRYING to love ANTHRACITE??

  1. I SA called me today to tell me she got in four new anthracite wallets so I could take my pick and I just didn't fall in love like I thought I would. I am really bummed actually..I wanted to love this color and have it go w/ everything in my closet but I find it harder than bright colors to match my wardrobe. And I wear lots of neutrals so I ended up getting an aqua city for that *pop*..

    It really reminds me of sapin which I don't care for. I only see green, I am trying so hard to see charcoal grey/navy blue or something and I just can't. I do think it's pretty but just not for everyday for me..anyone else feel this way??:confused1: :confused1:
  2. Aw thats a real shame.

    I haven't actually seen it yet - will hopefully see it today so will let you know
  3. Yeah, I bought the Twiggy ... then sold it. Some Balenciaga colours are awesome, and I love them, but they are not necessarily for me, or will go with my wardrobe. Anthracite is a deep tourmaline colour, mine had a lot of blueteal undertones and I had too hard a time matching it and couldn't think where I would use it, that I didn't have another bag that could be used.

    Saw another at Saks on Thursday, sorely tempted again, because it is a gorgeous colour, but passed and am glad for it. I am afraid though that it will be like my Ink. I didn't love him at first, but do now and maybe when I decide I want it, it will be too late.

    I wish you well,

  4. I really tried and it's not a bad color but it's murky. Like black with aqua and blue mixed in. It almost looked like a faded black. My Mom thought it was interesting but not a keeper, I thought it looked like a weird ink. I wanted to love it, Daphne said I wouldn't want it and she was right.
    But I love looking at everyones pics and your bags are gorgeous. If we all liked the same colors we would have a pretty dull board, right? ;)
  5. I am in the process of deciding whether I want to keep my anthracite bag. The leather on this bag is incredible--just not sure how well the color works with my wardrobe. Mine is a bit lighter than the others I've seen (in person) so it has more of a teal cast. I love the bag, just can't figure out what it goes with...
  6. Yeah, the color may not be for everyone. I think that anthracite works best for people who:

    1) Appreciate cool color shades. In this case, steel blue undertones. (or green, in some cases)
    2) Don't feel strongly about matching their bags to their outfits
  7. Me! I'm so not a teal person and that's exactly what I saw in Anthracite. I was getting in place of black but I think I'll go back to black. Just wasnt' for me. Same thing happened to me w/ ink.
  8. I think the bags people post are gorgeous, but I'm leaving it at admiration and not trying to make myself want one. I'd probably succeed and I'm bad enough already. My current policy is do not look too closely, do not enquire further. It worked so WELL for Sandstone.:shrugs:
  9. I'm iffy on anthracite. It's not a bag I'd purchase, initially I thought it'd be a good subsitute for black, but after hearding that it's difficult to match with your wardrobe, I'd just get a black bbag if I wanted a dark bag.
  10. I thought I would really like the color but when I saw it in real life I decided it wasn't for me. The color had too many things going on and I like more pure colors.
  11. Either a color makes me go :nuts: or it does not. Anthracite was one of those colors that did not.
  12. Honestly, if you are *trying* to love something, it's maybe not for you. For example, I fell in love with French Blue and every bbag I saw after FB just didn't do it for me. I saw Blue Glacier, Aqua, Seagreen, Vermillion, white, black and a few others. French Blue is the best for me and it's effortless to love it. So my advice is not to try, another color will come along that you will be crazy about.
  13. I definitely think that anthracite isn't a color for everyone or every outfit. It seems to go well with whites, greens, and khakis. I really like the unique color, but for people that prefer solid colors or brighter tones, I would stay away from it.
  14. ^^^ ITA!! If you have to try to love it, that's not a good sign to begin with. You'll constantly be questioning yourself for choosing this color.

    It's funny because I felt exactly the same way about French Blue! :roflmfao:
  15. Perfectly put! I couldn't agree more. To me colors are "feelings". Good or bad, it's hard to change them. Like my grandmother always says, go with your gut.