Is anyone still wearing/buying Prada nylon?

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  1. It's pretty torn. Probably my fault, I should have tried to sew it up before letting it get so bad, just being lazy. Any help would be so appreciated. I love this bag. 20180720_194353.jpg 20180720_194604.jpg 20180720_194738.jpg
  2. And on a happier note, my nylon messenger from about 10 years ago, still looks brand new. The perfect travel companion, lightweight, fits everything, can be worn crossbody keeping your hands free. 20180720_202305.jpg
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  3. Yesssss!!! This is the one I have been lusting over!!! The sides of the bag are SOOOOO CUTE!
  4. My first nylon was from 1994..still have it! and i just bought a new one for travel...

  5. Bought this nylon bag during the last online sale.
  6. It seems like a lot of money for nylon...are they worth it? Or is this truly one of the cases where I’m paying for the Prada logo?
  7. Yes and yes
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  8. I have a vintage backpack in black I love very much. There is something about the nylons I can't explain. They are pretty cool.
    Additional I just bought a small xbody bag for traveling. I like how they attached the strap so it is flat on one's body: The bag hugs one! :biggrin:
    Does someone know this style? I can't find informations about it. 6158016-1_1.jpg 6158016-2_1.jpg
  9. Any opinions of the tessuto gaufre bags from past years? I like and use a nylon messenger bag, but I still really love the gaufre styles. I wonder if Prada will ever do a revival of them,
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  10. I love my Prada nylon tote and their nylon cosmetic pouches are the best :heart:

  11. She looks small, but she can hold so much! One of my faves. 20180918_020729.jpg
  12. Is this the BN1407?

    I’m looking to buy a pre/owned one, how small is it? Do you have modeling photos?

  13. Yes, it is! It is about 8 inches in height and 14 inches in length. Excuse the pic I'm not good at taking photos. Pls note that I'm pretty petite.
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  14. Thank you for the beautiful photo!
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  15. I complete it true the store will give you a free small nylon bag from what you buy in that store?