Is anyone still wearing/buying Prada nylon?

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  1. Enjoy itT It is one of the few bags I kept from zillions of years ago. The Prada messenger and a Chanel backpack were my travel companions for so many years.
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  2. Congrats on your purchase! I’m dying for this bag!
  3. Hi, would anyone know the price of this bag in Europe? Thanks! original.jpg
  4. €1,100 from their website
  5. Thank you for your help!
  6. Anyone has this bag? Like to share their thoughts?! TIA
  7. I do not have this bag, but I have a similar Prada nylon and I love it. They are really unique in the handbag world in my opinion. I always get a ton of compliments! And not to mention they are so practical. You can wear them out in the rain (unlike a lot of LV) and not have to worry about water spots or stains. I love Prada nylon, I say go for the bag!
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  8. Thanks for the recommendations really like everything about this bag, but not sure about the shoulder straps is long enough to crossbody? Couldn’t find any reviews on this one
  9. Has anyone watched the “Nylon Farm” video on Prada‘s website?
    I think the “Nylon” is definitely coming back haha
  10. Nylon never went out of Prada's collection. Most hardcore Prada collectors have multiple nylon bags, some going back over 20 years or more. I personally have three and they would be THE last bags I'd ever get rid of.
  11. Same here, I have got a blue nylon clutch and I think I never regret buying it like 20 over years back. It is really elegant and nice.
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  12. Looks great! Mod shots please... TIA
  13. Please share with us what fits in this gorgeous bag?! How long and short the strap can be adjusted to? I’m only 5’2 sometimes the length is a challenge to me TIA
  14. I have the nylon camera bag from about 10 years ago, my favorite bag, used it so much that the lining inside is tearing, does anyone know where I can get it sewn up, I am in SoCal? thank you.
  15. If it's not that bad and you're reasonably handy with a needle and thread, you could very easily repair it yourself depending on the nature of the tear. Post a photo and we'll have a look.
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