Is anyone still wearing/buying Prada nylon?

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  1. Finally caved. Just added a new nylon messenger to my collection. This one actually has handles on it as well, which I could have done without, but I like the bag and the size and the price was really super. It's from the 2015 collection, so it's fairly new, but I checked it out from stem to stern and the quality was surprisingly comparable to my older nylon messenger bags and it was also made in Italy as my other ones are. I'm not sure what kind of color resolution is coming across here, but live and in-person, it's a beautiful shade of rich emerald green. It's fairly neutral in my world. Looking forward to using it for our annual Christmas at the beach trip coming up soon.
    IMG_20181203_152630.jpg IMG_20181203_153354.jpg
  2. D5E211D3-4D25-44D8-B348-4D62BA7C7AC1.jpeg
    Got my first Prada nylon weekender today - excited to get this fellow out tomorrow! Anyone know how can I know the year/era of this bag? Thanks all
  3. Did you get the stock card? That's usually the most reliable way to tell. Some of these nylon bags go back years with very little change to the design.
  4. Question for you about this bag. If you leave it unbuckled does it fall forward? Or does it stay upright? I’m not sure I’ll have the patience to use the buckle all of the time but I worry if I leave it undone it will tip forward and things might fall out.

    Hope my question makes sense!
  5. Hi there, I never buckle mine and it only slouches a bit forward when I have something in the top flap with the logo. I usually put my phone in there for easy access and have no issues.
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  6. My first Prada... Mini Nylon Bucket!
  7. Wow! I am loving this bag. :heart:
    Enjoy your beautiful purchase.

  8. Action shot of my new messenger. Seriously windy out on the pier that day! Really loving this bag and I actually like the handles now.
  9. Love your bag! I just ordered this bag and am anxiously waiting for it. How are you liking it so far??
  10. Obsessed with Prada nylon this past year! Picked up a vintage waist bag, fw2018 black patent nylon gaiter pumps, and a dual pin/keychain for good measure.. this is so reminiscent of my 90’s high school days, and yet the fall/winter 2018 runway show felt extremely sci-if/futuristic. I love it!!
    99A86AF4-CDF2-4FA7-9037-CF599E9F3359.jpeg 130C5D5D-32FF-40DF-A005-266617B4C936.jpeg AEE9C7CB-A6FF-4E6C-9F2F-308455C1F476.jpeg 5FC3FB04-E074-4D4D-A529-DE82B1F37383.jpeg
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  11. Happy 2019 to all!
    I just received my new Prada backpack (I purchased it from the Prada online store, it’s available in navy, $1290).

    I didn’t look very closely on the website, I thought I was purchasing a ‘black’ backpack but when I received the order confirmation, I was surprised to see ‘navy’ on the invoice, haha.

    Nonetheless I am so pleased with this backpack, a ‘happy mistake’ in my color preference. I already tore off the hang tag and got rid of the huge packaging (I generally don’t keep boxes from any brand, I keep just the dust bags because boxes take up too much space in my opinion). No regrets! I typically stick to black color bags and I don’t have a single blue toned bag in my wardrobe. This ‘navy’ by Prada is a beautiful dark navy, it almost looks black.

    I have placed my black nylon cosmetic bag next to the backpack for color comparisons.

    Thanks for reading this long-winded post! This is my very first backpack as an adult (I missed out on the 1990s backpack trend haha) and I am so thrilled with my new Prada nylon backpack
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  12. I just purchased this bucket bag in navy nylon and I’m loving it! Great everyday carefree bag.
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  13. Gorgeous blue tote! May I ask for the style and color numbers? TIA
  14. Ohhhh, I can't pull up your pic for some reason.
  15. Kay Adefuye did you ever discover this gorgeous purse's style name?