Is anyone still wearing/buying Prada nylon?

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  1. Over the last couple of weeks, I've seen a couple of Prada nylon bags (wildlife sightings, so to speak) after seeing NONE for years, which made me wonder if they're making a comeback or if this was just random. One was an army-green colored backpack -- it caught my eye because the woman wearing it had tied an Hermes twilly on the top handle part and it just looked so cool I had to get a closer look. Was really surprised when the backpack turned out to be Prada! Then the next week, I saw a chic woman carrying a bag I actually own but haven't carried in years, a black nylon messenger. These bags were such a hit years ago that I thought they would be seen as hopelessly out of style now, but they were (are) also so light and functional, it's no wonder Prada never stopped producing them.

    So, how many of you still carry your old nylon bags, or invest in new ones? Are they making a style comeback or just too functional to ever let go?
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  2. I still have my three that I totally adore. They are from 6-12 years ago and better made than the newer ones, but I reach for these bags more than any of my leather bags.
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  3. Prada nylon is all I have been carrying for the past several years.
  4. I don't use my backpack anymore (circa 1999), but I bought the large vela messenger to use as my mom bag when my two oldest became toddlers and I needed to be hands free. I bought it in 2013 for $800. I recently saw Neiman Marcus was charging quite a bit more. Perhaps they are getting popular if the prices have gone up?
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  5. Interesting about the quality ... it seems that's a common complaint no matter who the designer is. My old messenger is probably over 20 years old at this point. I should dig it out!

    Good to know. Is it the weight or the style that keeps you coming back? I love Longchamp, but sometimes their styles are a bit limiting.

    I just looked it up and the price is now $1,180! With a price hike like that, they must be selling, right? Do you still use your messenger bag?
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  6. The messenger I paid $800 for in 2013 is now $1180 at saks and $1260 at Neiman Marcus. I would say the quality is very good and comparable to the Prada nylon backpack I bought in 1999. The leather is good and the lining is thick. The best part about using it as my diaper bag is that it is VERY easy to clean. I use the Prada messenger (so hubby doesn't feel weird if he has to carry it with the kids) or my longchamp as my diaper bags. Kids are 4, 3, and 1. I use the messenger bag several days a week!
  7. Sounds like a great investment! :smile:
  8. I don't like and use them anymore
    Dislike about them changing colors fading over time
    Nothing can be done
  9. Wow, I've never heard about Prada nylon fading, Mine is probably 20 years old and still as black as the day I bought it. Wonder if this is a recent problem?
  10. Black actually still kind of alright
    However other colors such as blue pink brown etc faded
    No more prada period lol
  11. I occasionally wear my small messenger that's at least 5 yrs old and it's still a deep black despite being washed many times. I don't see many Prada nylons around where I live. Most ladies are into saffiano leather, either from Prada, TB, Coach, KS or MK.
    Do the color ones fade after a while?
  12. Mine are black, khaki and red. No fading in my collection. Pretty remarkable since the khaki one got slammed by the surf at the beach during a storm 6 years ago.
  13. Did you hand wash or throw it in the machine? I'm thinking of cleaning mine somehow since it's been in its dust bag for so long, just afraid of hurting the leather bits.

    That's impressive! Did you wash the khaki one or just let it be? I'd be afraid the salt from the ocean water would do damage over time.
  14. I would soak the bag in mild detergent in the sink and uses a toothbrush to scrub any stubborn spots, like lipstick. Let it dry over night or if I'm in a hurry into the dryer on low heat.
    The leather can get a bit harder after being wet but just condition it and it should soften up.
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  15. I just let it air dry, then brushed off the salt.
    Postscript on this: Even having been battered by the surf, everything inside my bag, including the lining itself were dry as a bone.

    That's my Princess Gracie in the picture. This was 2010 and her first trip to the beach. She wasn't at all sure what to make of the surf and the sand moving under her feet. Six years and 8 beach trips later, she's an old pro. ;)

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