Is anyone still waiting for Miroir Bags?

  1. Anyone on the waiting list and on deposit list still waiting for theirs to arrive? For me I am awaiting for the Gold Speedy which is expected to be in next week. They also have a Gold Pochette reserved for me. I thought I had lost hope for them. :smile:
  2. The speedies are sold out nationwide you are very lucky to ge one
  3. Hmmm....What store was getting the Miroir Speedy? According to LV, 1-866, every SA in every boutique in NYC, and the PF, there aren't any to be found anymore in the U.S.A. :confused1:

    Are you in the USA or Int'l? I think in Australia, they should be coming out, if they haven't already :shrugs:
  4. ^^ I don't really trust what 1866 says about Miroir inventory. So far I've seen their information is so not true.
    As far as boutique's concern... I was being called and offered a gold pap last week from Fashion Valley in CA.

    ... and congratulations to your speedy!!!!!!
  5. ^ I don't trust anything they say either, they never are up to date on any releases or information of any sort and the SA's seem to know even less. My SA kept calling these bags "the glass bags" and didn't know about them until three days before the release :confused1:

    Yes, I'm still waiting for a gold papillon and congrats on finally getting your speedy!
  6. The Saks at Boca Raton , Florida had 2 mirror pouchette's yesterday a gold and silver one if anyone is interested
  7. I have heard of pouchettes still floating around and almas...very occasionally paps...but absolutly no speedys.
  8. I'm still waiting for a Gold Pap...but I've given up hope receiving a call from my SA about it. So instead, I got a bronze Chanel to satisfy my metallic bag craving! :roflmfao:
  9. I just got the call on Friday about my Gold Speedy! I'm so happy..I was kind of iffy on it at first (since I knew I wanted the Silver Speedy and Gold Pochette for SURE), but now that I have a chance to get one, I'm grabbing it up and picking it up this week :yahoo:
  10. I'm still waiting for my silver speedy and the SA at Rodeo Friday said very few people got it but there's still a chance:wondering ...Doubtful.
  11. wow! how lucky!
    arent they ALL gone?
  12. I'm still waiting for my Gold and Silver Papillon... I've been waiting since the week before Xmas... >.<

    Post pics when you get her!
  13. i was at the one in fashion valley and they had a pochette in the display case, gold I believe.
  14. ^^ Lol yeah those were the only ones I ever saw on display. That's my store by the way!
    But I saw pochettes on display at (this was about a week before Christmas):
    South Coast Plaza boutique- silver
    SCP Saks- silver
    Horton Plaza- gold and silver
  15. Still waiting for my silver seedy but I doubt I'll get it.