Is anyone still waiting for a Choco Edith from NM?

  1. So my Chocolate Edith is still on backorder from NM. With NO sign of shipping at any time soon. I was just wondering if anyone else is still waiting for their Chocolate Edith? Or anyone else receive theirs recently?

    thanks for the info!

    (yes I know I need another Edith like a hole in the head - but there's something about that rich chocolate color that's drawing me in!!)
  2. INTERVENTION!!!!!???????????????????
    You make me feel sooo normal when it comes to purse shopping...hee!hee!hee! LOL!
    (Thats a compliment!)
  3. ^^Humm - you're the second person that's said that to me this week - maybe I should take that to heart?
  4. Beauxgoris, do yourself a big favor and DON'T get a second Edith and then try to pick one....Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  5. someone else posted about Saks having the bags. I can't remember which Saks it was or what post, but when i called the SA this week, she was super nice and willing to hunt in all the Saks for you. Only problem for me was i was looking for gray and i guess Saks only got Chamois, whiskey, and chocolate. so worth a try to call
  6. I just sent a choco med. Edith back to NM online on Wed.
  7. What didn't you like about it Kathy? We were waiting for pics at least before it went back! :sad:
  8. Hey Roey, I just didn't feel it was the bag for me. I'm a newly retired teacher, so I really don't need the briefcase look or have papers to carry anymore. I asked my daughter (15) if she liked the bag, and she replied "it's ok. looks like a briefcase". I tried to bond with it, and love the pics Golden took with jeans & chanel shoes. Maybe in a diff. color. I'm thinking about a chanel now & looking on here for styles.