Is anyone still doing acupuncture?

  1. I have gone through 13 sessions. Have another 8 to go.

    Start to think does it really help :rolleyes:
  2. The only reason I stopped going is b/c my acupuncturist went on maternity leave. I think she is back, so I might start again.
  3. TCOYF says it is very effective.
    I haven't considered it until now....I am usually scared of needles..
    One question- Does it hurt?
  4. Hurts like hell -- NOT! :lol:

    I was chicken at my first visit too, but DH went with me. It's like little pin-ing here and there. I like how I can relax for 45 minutes and just lying there... It's quite relaxing afterwards too.
  5. Oooo.. I find it more relaxing than a massage...