Is anyone seeing med Audrey tote at their outlet??

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  1. Are there any still out there? I'm gonna have Merrimack do a search. I'm looking for the ivory. I also may need a replacement gunmetal. The metal tip on the tie came off((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( I do not want to send it away for 5 wks!! I've used the darn thing for 2 days!!!! Not happy!

    BTW---I called JAX. All I got was...we can't check the outlets inventory, I can give you the number of an outlet close to you*.....How about YOUR inventory???

    Very unhelpful!!

    Any sighting??? PLMK thanks!!
  2. I haven't seen any Audreys for a few weeks! not since I got mine... sorry :sad:

    the metal tip came off after 2 days!? I have a gunmetal medium Audrey... I haven't used it yet.... I hope that doesn't happen!

    I hope you can find the ones you want!! :smile:
  3. I just ordered a medium patent in lagoon from JAX through my outlet. There were five left at JAX though on that one so I don't know about the others.

  4. I couldn't get them to check anything!! lol....Do I need to ask for a special dept?? Secret code word?? lol.....

    How much was the lagoon?

    HMMM, just saw you had the outlet do it. I'll try that tomorrow.

  5. $150.36 plus tax


    Get it done girl!!!!!
  7. You know I follow your motto girl! :graucho:
  8. I saw one in Vacaville California about a month ago, and I believe (it was pretty crowded so people were in the way) I saw one in Napa CA last time I went a couple weeks ago. Hopefully there’s one still out there somewhere for you.

  9. Thanks!! They located one in VT. I just have to go back & place the order....She looked bothered that I asked. Said the comp was acting up.

    I also questioned that the ivory was more than the gunmetal......But, I guess that's true??
  10. If the gunmetal was metallic, that should have been more. Unless they put that one on clearance. Sorry the SA was being lazy.

  11. I also had the mgr in FB ck for me. Gunmetal ret for 298. and the ivory for 358.

    She thought that was weird, too....