Is anyone over LV?

  1. I just all of the sudden realized that my LV collection is tacky. Does anyone else feel that way?
  2. Modifiers, don't freak out and say "this belongs in LV", beacause I am totally channeling bbags and any LV lover won't be honest with me.
  3. Hey Shasta,

    There would be no use asking this in the LV forum, you're right!

    Just as the replies in the thread below are all "pro-balenciaga" (and so they should be) it would be the same case in the LV forum.

    I, for one, have never owned a LV.

    They dont really suit my taste... this may have something to do with the fact that there are just too many fakes getting around (I'm from Melbourne) and they are just everywhere!

    But I do know that many of the B-bag girls do own LV's and LV accessories etc, so hopefully you get some feedback soon.

  4. welp, even though i'm pretty loyal to my b-bags & don't own any LV's, i love some of their lines (like the pandas & the cherries!!!) :love:
  5. I love you fashion-cult for being so honest! dO YOU OWN BBAGS, IF SO WHICH ONES?
  6. I love both LV and Bbags but I got to say, I'll always reach for my Bbags over my LVs. :p
  7. I have 2 BBags - Rouge VIF City and Bleu (Navy) Twiggy...
  8. No way, I love LV! I dont care what anyone says BTW I LIKE the monogram canvas!!:yes:
  9. Do you own Bbags? If so which ones? If you do, would you prefer LV or your bbag? (which LV do you have)
  10. i still like the classic design, monogram or damier, but LV needs to stop having 3+ price increases a year! :hysteric:

    besides, b bags are just so much more fun to collect... no two bbags look the same, even if it's a same style/color! can't say one lv monogram speedy looks different from all the others :biggrin:
  11. I am freakin' LV lover to the core! :supacool:

    But I also adore Balenciaga! :drool:

    Love both! :love:
  12. i have both, my my LVs def. not as much as my b bags :p
    i only love LVs designed by takashi murakami. that's it... :yes:
  13. I've never liked LV... I know they're well-made and an iconic fashion thing, but I just generally don't like things with monograms. Also the color scheme is not my thing.

    I appreciate the addiction many have to LV, though.
  14. my first love was LV... and than Bbags... now i have only bbags...!!! hehe.. since though, i have wanted a few LVs more of a throw around bag though!!! Getting a PANDA bag... *YAY*
  15. I have never owned an LV because they don't suit my style. I have never liked the obvious branding on bags, which is why I love Balenciaga so much. Not a name or logo in sight! This is also why I like Birkins and some Chanel bags, because they are subtle but beautiful. Many brands that do have a monogram print also tend to do plain bags as well (like the Fendi Spy or leather lines by Coach... If I'm not mistaken I think even LV has some non-monogram bags). I also cannot justify the prices LV demands for canvas with leather handles only, it just doesn't make sense for me.

    I am by no means knocking LV... they're not famous for nothing. The brand is timeless and notorious and the designs / shapes of their bags are really practical and beautiful as well. They're just not for me!