Is anyone losing the love for Bal because of the $$ increase?


Losing the love for Bal because of the price increase?

  1. Yes....slowly losing the love

  2. No! I'm a die-hard Bal Gal!

  3. Yes/No: 50/50

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  1. I discovered Bal about 6 months ago and so far have 4 Cities and was planning on purchasing 2 more in the Fall, but now with the $100 increase, I find myself looking at other Forums and thinking to myself, are Bal's really worth $1,300 (for a City)? I can buy other good designer quality bags for $700-800 and save myself so much money. I'm still going to wait to see how the Grey looks but was wondering if anyone else is having the same feelings?
  2. I hit the wrong button! Darn it!
    I'd rather save up for a bit longer for the BBag any time.
    No other bags, IMHO, can compare.
    I'm hooked.
  3. like shamrock - I'd much rather save for longer - just makes the bag that much sweeter when I get it. Plus it makes me make up my mind on what I really want and not dabble/spend excessive money on other items I don't need/want when I have a goal in mind.
  4. Hmmmm I dunno.....if they get too pricey, I am gonna find some other bags to love. Will have to really want a certain one to fork over the $$$ for it. There are lots of gorgeous bags out there. :confused1::hrmm::girlsigh:
  5. Well after the price increases in LV and Chanel. BBags are looking cheap!!!!
    JK........I'll still buy:graucho:
  6. No; I am just going to be much pickier when choosing a new bag (if I even buy new ones from here on out).
  7. No. LV & Chanel have like 70 price hikes a year and people are still buying them. I love my Bals as much as I ever have. Besides, we pay a ridiculous premium over here in the UK anyway - y'all are just catching us up. ;)
  8. Nothing to do with the price increase, and I wouldn't say I'm losing the love, but my initial frenzy has calmed down. I'm now getting more picky about which bags I'm interested in, which colors I'll really use, what sort of condition I want, etc., rather than my initial "I want everything" phase. I think it started to sink in that as much as I love seeing everyone else's colors, I'm not the sort of person who's ever going to switch bags every day, so it just doesn't make sense for me to collect them all, because I don't carry them.

    As far as the price goes, an extra $100 isn't enough to tip the balance for me, and as robbins points out, almost all the European-based bags are going up in price due to our crappy exchange rate.
  9. I wouldn't lose my love for balenciaga because i haven't found any other brand that has the same leather and lightweight style...
    But I will think twice about buying accessory because need to save up more $$ for a bag...
  10. I don't think it's going to make me lose my love for Bal (even though I only have 1 so far)...but with the higher prices, especially with the high price of the Giant bags, it might make me look to other brands, specifically, Chanel
  11. Don't get me wrong, I still love Bal but now with the increase, it's making me take a step back and say, "whoa! is it really worth it?" I'm a SAHM and have to save for a good 5-6 mo. before I can buy 1 bag let alone 2 and I feel so guilty to drop so much for a bag when it could be put to better use. Luckily, I've never really been pulled into the Bbag madness where I purchased a bag based on a color because I know what works for me and at this rate, I guess I'll have to just settle for 1 bag each yr. instead of 2.:sad:
  12. I totally agree with kimberf that an extra $100 isn't enough to tip the balance for me either. When I first read about the price increase my first reaction was definitely :crybaby:, but it really isn't that bad of increase and seems to happen fairly infrequently where as LV and other designers seem to increase their prices every year. What does tend to frustrate me about a price increase is the issue with the declining quality that we've been seeing lately. I hope that we are not paying more and continuing to see issues with fading, super veiny and dry leather, lack of color saturation, etc.
  13. Well, like others have said, it's not just Bal, it's other brands as well. The Bal increase is actually less than some other brands. The increases are related to inflation and the weakness of the US currency, etc. I'm not happy about it, but what is a girl to do? I suppose that overall when it comes to bags (Bal and others) I will just be a bit more selective.
  14. $100 increase is nothing..Chanel price increase is wrose ..
  15. ITA! I'm just now into my 3rd month since I started my collection, I was like "Ok, I want every style in every color!!" back then, but now after the price hike...I will definitely need to rethink each bag/color I want if they will work for me, or my wardobe..I guess my new year's resolution will control those impulses whenever I see a color I want!:sweatdrop: