Is anyone looking for modern chain tote?

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  1. My SA just got a couple of these at her boutique but I'm passing b/c it's too big for me. She said they have black and brown. "Shiny" (does she mean glazed??) goatskin with silver lining, $2750. PM me if you are interested as she didn't want me to post her contact info at this forum.
  2. Shiny means glazed but she's mistaken about the goatskin. It's calf. (Sigh, why can't s/a's know their own products?!)
  3. ^^you are right about getting bad intel from some SAs. I rely on them for "education" and some are as clueless as I am :sad: ...but that's why I have you ladies!
  4. there are more E/W MC tote in Chanel Bellagio, Chanel Hawaii and Saks NYC! :yahoo: I have called around to get mine!
  5. does anyone have a brown or charcoal modern chain bag they could post pics of?
    I've been looking to see what the new calfskin colors look like, but have only found black and pics of the 2006 leather.
    Thank you in advanced.
  6. Will this bag will be discontinued next season?? SpecialY the white one??

  7. mind posting what the e/w mc tote looks like.... :confused1:
  8. This is the E/W MC tote glazed calfskin i just received: