Is anyone looking for an apple green mini-twiggy?

  1. I thought someone was but can't remember who??? Thanks!

    BTW, I am not selling one.
  2. If someone is looking, I think they still have one at Susan's in Burlingame. Their number is 650.347.0452. My sis-in-law was in there and said it looked really nice.
  3. there was also a turq 05 mini twiggy the last time I called:rolleyes: but not sure if they still have it...
  4. Nope -- because I got it. Hehe.
  5. hahahaha congrats!!!! you lucky girl!!!!:roflmfao: :love:
  6. must see pics, chigirl!!!! Turq 05 is one of my favorite colors!!!!
  7. thanks. i am excited. the color looks great. style is not my first choice but looks cute. have to say that it is the first bag i have paid retail for. i have gotten every other bag for under retail (sales, eBay, Bluefly or MP).
  8. What was the retail price?
    Thank you for the info :smile:
  9. $795
  10. I got really excited for a second there! I have been DYING for an 05 turq!! So sad...please keep us updated on more spottings!!
  11. i have a 05 turq mini-twiggy on the way. :smile:
  12. just curious, did anyone get this?
  13. congrats! such a gorgeous color!:love:
  14. congrats!
  15. I called to inquire about it - but found out that they are unwilling to ship to Canada. Oh well, I'm not a huge fan of apple green anyhow - I just really want a mini twiggy!
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