Is anyone looking for a VIOLETTE HEART purse?? I know where one is.........

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  1. A couple days ago I was trying to decide if I wanted to return my defective pomme heart for a violette heart that I managed to locate with the help of 866. Well I just called this AM to go ahead and have it shipped to me when suddenly I got a phone call and I was able to get another pomme with the help of a WONDERFUL tpf'r!!

    So now I no longer need to get the violette. But since I was helped out in my quest, I wanted to help someone else out. So if anyone is looking for a violette heart purse, would you please PM me ASAP. I will then call the store and give them your name and ask them to swap the hold from me to you. I can't guarantee that it'll work but pretty sure it will as when I called today for it (I was supposed to call back last sunday), the SA told me it was not on hold for anyone and was a display, so it seems there is no waitlist for it.

    I am extrememly happy about being able to get a replacement I just have to wait till it comes. I'm hoping I'll get it either Fri or Sat. AND I'm PRAYING it will be defect free!!

  2. ok so no one has pm'd me yet and I will be getting off here now for most of the night..................sooo, here is the info if anyone wants to call for it:

    It's at a store in Colorado, sorry not sure which one but the number is 303-388-1080 and Tate/Kim were helping me. Kim has already left for the day but Tate is still there. They are central time, so 1 hr ahead of the west coast and 2 hrs behind east coast. They close tonight at 9pm.
  3. I am not interested... but I just wanted to tell you that is really sweet of you to offer!
  4. yes its very nice of you to offer and congrats on your pomme :flowers:
  5. That is so sweet of you to do that! I believe there's a lot of the Violette available ... the Pomme is harder to find because, well you know it is a heart after all ... lol!
  6. oh good, i'm glad to hear that you were able to exchange your pomme heart for a hair-free one; i remember your earlier post about the hair dilemma.

    and regards to the violette heart, thank you for thinking of us; i always say "pay-it-forward!"