Is anyone looking for a Pirata Zucca?

  1. I just had to post this because I saw the most perfect Pirata zucca pattern placement I have ever seen! The girl with the gray skull shirt and the island with the kitty is smack dab in the middle under the front zipper and perfectly placed with nothing cut off! Since zucca seems to be popular lately, I thought someone might be interested if they live in So. CA. I saw it at the Macys at the Los Cerritos Center. Or maybe Macys does transfers like Nordstroms does, I'm not sure.
    That Macys also had a bunch of Pirata giocos and buon viaggios, and a whole messload of L'Amore.
    Nordstroms over there had lots of denaros--I just got one in L'Amore (there are 2 more), and they still had them in Pirata, Adios Star, Foresta, Paradiso, and Inferno.
  2. ahhhh I need to go to cerritos! It's further away than the other stores so we don't go there often (I've been like 2xs since I moved here) must bring bf! mwah ha ha