Is anyone looking for a bubblegum pink classique? Should be one on ebay soon

  1. The seller who sold me the teal first (who is super nice by the way) said she has listed or is about to list one.
  2. Thanks for the heads up Chigirl!
  3. ooh great, i've been wanting one!
  4. oops! I thought she said first. It looks amazing. Good luck to whoever bids!
  5. Beverly's got a bubblegum first, that she wanted to sell some time back.. i think she still has it; check with her? from my recollection she was after a very reasonable price...
    her username is just that: Beverly
  6. Does Chaussure have a city?
  7. it looks bubblicious. i wish i was a pink girl!
  8. If I didn't have this color in a hobo, I'd be all over it! Good luck to the ladies who decide to bid. BTW, I just saw the listing, what was her BIN before the bids started?
  9. I think it was 599GBP?

    ETA: I'd love to see pictures of your hobo!! :P
  10. what color is the pink bag in bertie's group shot with the ink hobo? it looks different than this one.
  11. ^I was guessing that it's an 04 rose?
  12. that sure would explain it. :Push:
  13. Me too ... I've a s/s '05 bubbelgum pink classique which I'm thinking to search for a new home ;) :shame: ! As far I'm not accepted on the new MP I'll maybe listing it on Ebay. It's a great color for summer :love:
  14. It's really pretty! I have it on my watch list!