Is anyone liking this MBMJ bag?

  1. oops, I didn't see the post below mine about the same exact bag.
  2. It looks like a very nice bag. A bit expensive for MBMJ but it is all leather. If Zappos has the free shipping and returns w/ bags then I'd go for it. You can always return if you don't like it when you see it in person.
  3. 501.95. Im sorry but WTF is MBMJ thinking?! 501.95...Shoot, I'd just go buy an MJ Collection bag for that kind of dough.

    PS: Completely and utterly gorgeous bag though!
  4. I like it!
  5. I think it's worth the price, the bag looks huge!!
  6. I know, I love huge bags. I wish I knew what the leather was like IRL. I think that's when I'd know for sure whether or not I wanted to put down 500 bucks for it.
  7. The leather is amazing on this bag..i saw the smaller size in Nordstrom yesterday...the leather is veryy good..i 2'nd wht foxiyellow said.. hth
  8. its also on eluxury for $498, free shipping with JUNE. post pics if you get it!
  9. I just ordered this bags and the tote from Zappos and will get it later today... hopefully I'll have enough time to come back and write a short review.
  10. I saw this today at Nordies and it was TDF! Really classy and gorgeous smooshy leather. I was shopping for a Chloe bag, but I put it down because I think this one was a better design for me...and it could really hold it's own next to the Chloe. I didn't get it today because I'm hoping I can find it on sale somewhere...but this bag is definitely in my future!
  11. hopefully Zoeyzoo can post pictures and give us a review of the bag when it arrives!
  12. its really cute, but don't like the price. If it went on sale, I would buy it.
  13. I like it and it looks like an expensive bag!
  14. I LOVE this bag! Does anyone know if it comes in black?