Is Anyone Like Me?

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  1. This might be a dumb topic and if so I'm sorry but...
    I'm new to Coach collecting, I just started in August. But I read on here about how many of you leave tags on your bags for a variety of reasons. Maybe its because I can't afford many bags (I only own 3) or something else. But when I get a bag I immedietely unwrap it, take the tags off, and hold it for prolly half an hour and I use it that same day. The last time I went to the outlet I got my med. soho hobo i made my friend drive my car home (an hour and a half) so I could look at my bag. I brought it in when we got food on the way. Of course I dont see myself ever selling anyof my bags and I cant afford to buy one if im not IN LOVE with it. Maybe Ill change as I get older and contiue to love Coach(?)
  2. Well...It's good to meet you...And I loved reading your story of your having to hold and admire your bag all the way home.

    As for the tags...I am thinking it may have been the discussion of removing the "hangtag" Which is the leather coach tag that is attached to the bag. Some people remove them...I personally I never even thought to remove mine. I like the signature of the statement it says. (With my bags mostly leather...I can at least maybe improve ones knowledge on Coach by having it left on. For most don't know my bags are Coach...Since their not Signature bags...)
  3. ^^ i'm like you. Today I got my gold tote and removed the tags (after inspecting it) and toss my belongs in there. Its all ready for my outing tomorrow.
  4. :blush:oh i meant the price tag.
  5. Like you mentioned the hangtag, I leave that on.. I think the bag looks cute with it. Its also nice because you can hang your charms from it :smile:


  6. It really depends for me.. but I try and say I am going to keep it and love it.. and rip off the tags and use it :p I have had that several times when we go to the outlet or boutique and I just KNOW I love it.. I rip off the tags in the car, fill it up and immediately take it out with us to eat or wherever before we head home. I try to be really careful though because something new catches my eye.. I usually return or sell. Good for you that you use them and enjoy them immediately, that is what they are there for afterall! :tup:
  7. I think we all feel the same way about our Coach bags. I know I love just looking at mine even if I'm not carrying that particular one that day. As for selling my bags, I could never sell any one that I own. I only buy something, whether it's furniture, clothes, accessories, etc. if I really, really love it. Once I buy something, it becomes mine forever ( I think I might have a little OCD or something! LOL). If I need to make room or if I feel bad because one of my bags isn't being used much, I'll give it to one of my daughters, that way I know it is still being loved by someone I love. I know many people sell bags in order to buy new ones, and I think that's smart, I just can't part with any. I just wait to buy a new bag when I have the cash, if I have to wait a while, so be it. I guess I'm just very possessive of my Coach! As for changing as you get older, I'm sure I'm quite a bit older than you and I felt the same then as I do now when I started carrying Coach years ago! Some things never change!!:tup:
  8. Oh my gosh - I love this!! Soooo cute! I can just see you sitting in the passenger seat fondling and stroking your bag all the way home! :p
  9. LOL I totally was. :nuts: She isn't "into" Coach and was confused for a minute.
  10. I leave the tags on because I like to prolong the excitement. I bring it home and keep it for a while and bring it out and look at it now and then and dream about it, which outfit to pair it with the first time, etc. Maybe I'm weird! I just like to make the excitement of a new bag last as long as possible!
  11. I'll leave the tags on until I'm ready to use the bag. The "cutting off the tags" moment is a momentous occasion, lol because then I'm certain I'm keeping the bag and not returning or exchanging it. I'm ashamed to say that I have bags in my closet that still have the tags on! :shame:
  12. The only bag I didn't take the tags off of immediately was my Hamptons Carryall, but only because I knew I wouldn't use it right away. Everything else, I rip the tags off as soon as I get it!

  13. You are not alone!;)
  14. You're definitely not alone! I have several bags in my closet with the tags still on! :shame:
  15. I never remove the hangtags, but as far as the retail price goes... I admit I sometimes tend to be fickle. I also have a ton of bags. So I'll buy something, not get around to using it for a while, and then later on find more bags I "have to have". If I have left the tags on, I find it much easier to sell the bag on eBay as NWT and at a higher price than if I removed the paper tag (even though I didn't use the bag). I also always keep all paperwork and tags associated with the purchase in the inner pockets in case I do want to sell later on. So I never remove anything, including packing materials till I actually get the bag out to carry.