Is anyone know the price in Bangkok,Thailand?

  1. Hi,is anyone know the price of Tivoli pm and Palermo pm in Bangkok,Thailand?I still considering to buy either in Thailand or Singapore,I will going Bangkok in Jan2008,and to Singapore in Feb2008.Don't know which country is more cheaper?
  2. tivoli pm 34000THB
  3. Better buy in Singapore,,it's cheaper
  4. yeah... , agree with ONE that Singapore is way much cheaper than Thailand! Anw, I quess comparing RM and Bath to the value of any LV bags,buying in KL and Bangkok the $$$ be almost the same.
  5. Singapore is cheaper......
  6. May I know is Thailand got GST refund in airport?how many percents of the GST?For me,if I go to Singapore next year February,I am not take flight there but is by car,so I am not qualify to get the GST refund,is the Singapore still cheaper?

  7. I got gst refund at Airport in bangkok. about 6.3% (7%-fee)
  8. Buy them in Singapore. It's cheaper there.
    I'm in Canada, but I'm originally from Bangkok. People in Bangkok actually fly to shop in Singapore.
  9. alright,thanks for your advised.:smile:
  10. Hi everyone,
    I knew to this forum.. and would like some help. I'm heading to bangkok in early janurary i was wondering if anyone knew the prices of the new speedy 25 emprente in bangkok. Was wondering if it is cheaper there or in australia!