Is anyone just over Chanel?

Are you over Chanel?

  • Yes absolutely, I don't feel it anymore, and I plan on buying another brand

    Votes: 95 18.0%
  • Yes, I don't feel it anymore, but I also don't plan on buying another brand

    Votes: 38 7.2%
  • No, I will always love Chanel and will pay whatever price they ask for it

    Votes: 20 3.8%
  • No, I love Chanel and the designs but price is a barrier, so I'll be more selective about purchases

    Votes: 376 71.1%

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Mar 29, 2008
Chanel is super expensive fun fashion, and a piece is worth it, only if you adore it and cannot love without it. IMO, it’s mind boggling that the price of a RTW jacket this season cost more than a six motif magic Alhambra VCA MOP necklace.
I understand and agree completely. A good friend of mine keeps telling me I need to “invest” in a nice Chanel coat. It is hard for me to swallow the price point though, especially since I live an extremely casual lifestyle (western USA) and would not get a lot of use out of it. One of my favorite brands is Sandro. I find their materials to be extremely high-quality. It is so very hard for me to spend $$$$ on a Chanel when I can just go to Sandro and have a shopping spree LOL


Jul 5, 2012
No for me. Chanel is keeping me 10x more “entertained” & intrigued than Louis Vuitton. That’s for sure.

Sorry, and just a personal opinion, but LV’s collections lately have just been horrendous. Maybe besides the Escale collection.(I think it was called that.) Still didn’t buy an item from it.

I will agree though that Chanel’s prices are getting a bit too crazy. I would say for that type of $$, go to Hermes. But I am not willing to play the Hermes games for a bag. I am SO grateful that I pushed myself to buy my flaps when I did. Just one jumbo caviar, which was my dream holy grail bag. & I snagged a caviar lipstick red mini before they stopped making them. Besides that, I am good. I just don’t use my jumbo enough to justify another one for the $ they are now. & The other sizes do not look right on me. Which is totally fine! I have bought other bag styles from the brand that have kept me very happy and content to acquire them! Continuing to buy, just being very selection. & no more flap styles for me.


Aug 31, 2008
Unfortunately, the vintage market is not much better. :sad: The prices are very much inflated. I just purchased a M/L red lambskin flap 24K GHW (full set) from Japan for $5K last week. Ouch. I’ve been searching for many many years for the right red flap which is why I splurged. It was painful though.
@SpicyTuna13, would love to see an action shot of your new bag! Congrats! :biggrin:
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Mar 9, 2020
ive fallen in and out of love with Chanel since 1998 or 2000. Fast forward to 2020, and I kept only a few bags. I still love my older RTW pieces. This summer, I did buy and adore an so black mini chevron reissue. Chanel is super expensive fun fashion, and a piece is worth it, only if you adore it and cannot love without it. IMO, it’s mind boggling that the price of a RTW jacket this season cost more than a six motif magic Alhambra VCA MOP necklace. . As I get older, I gravitate towards brunello and Akris RTW, but for some of the fantasy ‘opera’ pieces, those designers aren’t much cheaper. @Egel, the reissue in a dark color leather with non gold HW can be low key enough for public transportation, but its probably also how its styled. IMO, some bags from MJ or RM can be more flashy. :biggrin:
I'm okay with flashy bags, nothing wrong with a neon piece. The thing is that the pricetag of my bright bags is significantly less. If I get robbed the same bag will be bought without thinking or blinking. A reissue is much more under the radar but I always dreamed of the quintessential Chanel bag and the logo is a big part of that. It's a good thing that I do know that I can live without a Chanel bag and even thinking about it is fun.
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Apr 1, 2017
I sorta am. I have one bag that I bought several years ago and didn’t think about Chanel for years after. Recently, I have been eying a few different Chanel pieces (19, WOC, and vanities) but what turns me off the most is how hard it is to obtain these pieces. I’m lucky enough to live near a city with a boutique (inside Neiman’s), but even after visiting the boutique there’s no inventory, the staff frankly sucks, and the SA I have is not very forthcoming about new inventory and incoming shipments. Like... why is it so hard for them to take my money? Haha. Also, all I want for them is to offer e-commerce. That’s the easiest way to shop and browse, I probably would’ve pulled the trigger on 2 items since July by now.
I think pre-loved sites have best selection so I may order something there, but I would miss the “brand new” experience.


Aug 7, 2010
I’ve flirted with Hermes but honestly the aesthetic of Chanel appeals to me more so it’s hard to move away even though the prices are getting outrageous. I’m limiting myself to one Chanel bag per year but other than that, my love for the brand is still going strong!