Is anyone just over Chanel?

Are you over Chanel?

  • Yes absolutely, I don't feel it anymore, and I plan on buying another brand

    Votes: 93 18.1%
  • Yes, I don't feel it anymore, but I also don't plan on buying another brand

    Votes: 37 7.2%
  • No, I will always love Chanel and will pay whatever price they ask for it

    Votes: 20 3.9%
  • No, I love Chanel and the designs but price is a barrier, so I'll be more selective about purchases

    Votes: 364 70.8%

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Aug 4, 2020
I've always loved Chanel and this season was when I got very frustrated with it because I couldn't get the bag I wanted but tbh the collections are really cute and I'm back on the Chanel train lol
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Aug 8, 2013
I voted moving to other brands, but i’ve been moving into Hermès recently (they have their own share of price increases, to be fair). I still love what I own at Chanel, but price increases at Chanel is more frequent and aggressive, and at those prices I’ve basically lost interest in going back to Chanel. If I want items priced lower than Hermès, i’ve been looking into other brands instead: Delvaux, Moynat, Loewe, Dior. Like another poster have said, one only needs so many black quilted flaps. I love what I own, but it’ll take something truly amazing to bring me back. (Jk. I’ll be right back when they release the micro flaps in a box individually... at insane prices).


Jul 3, 2019
I absolutely love and cherish my small Chanel collection and wouldn’t want to miss the Chanel aesthetics in my wardrobe. But without intention or plan I keep spending my „bag money“ at Hermes and my Chanel wishlist gets smaller and smaller. I’ve recently reduced my wishlist to one and I’m currently debating if I should even get that one or let it be..
What also annoys me is that you somehow get caught into this „must buy before the next price increase“ thing.
Takes the fun out of shopping.


Jan 28, 2019
I got caught in the same storm... for the last time today, I picked up a coco handle before the price increase on Monday. While their fashion speaks to me mostly, the brand does not.

I have brought two items from Hermes so far and their staff have always been friendly and honest. Even when they say no they say it nicely - Their SA told me that Hermes want people who own Hermes items to know The brand in detail and what they do - I get that!

Meanwhile. I am selling 3 old bags for this last Chanel bag - a good thing, but the buying process was ..meh... I looked at 5 pieces of the same bag and only one had no defects!!!!

I do feel priced out and ran out of patience because buying Chanel feels like I’m in competition with the brand that is something I no longer want take part in.

The price hikes with no after care service and the way in which they don’t go above and beyond for you and you have to chase and chase (except for some amazing SAs) is shameful. They need to do something about their culture and ways of working. Maybe one day they will change and be more about nurturing women with quality fashion rather than emptying their pockets!

That said, I am at a point where I feel like my handbag collection and my Chanel collection are good enough, I have a varied collection of 3 bags (a seasonal, a CF and a CCH), a WOC, 6 pairs of shoes. 2 scarfs, 2 Twillies, a brooch and 3 card holders. I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore for a very long time.

So much this. It’s probably very much intended by them.

Feb 7, 2009
Vancouver, BC
I agree that the prices have gotten out of control; however, the one thing I will say in defense of Chanel is that when you purchase a classic flap, a reissue, a boy, or one of their classic styles, the bag always looks fresh even after it's several years old. Some may find it boring that they keep doing the same styles, but there's nothing worse than buying a pricey bag and having it look dated in a year or two! So while the prices are outrageous, at least you know you're getting a bag that will look current for a long time.
I agree that having a classic flap is always going to look fresh even after a few years, but how many classic flaps can one person have really.

Feb 7, 2009
Vancouver, BC
Their SA told me that Hermes want people who own Hermes items to know The brand in detail and what they do - I get that!
Buying Hermes has its own share of problems. I love their leather and the craftsmanship behind the leather, and I also appreciate the art behind the artisans making the bags, but I refuse to beg and grovel for the chance to own one of their more popular items. The non-leather items in their collection (ready to wear, homeware) are not that attractive and also super expensive, and it just seems ridiculous that I have to buy those items in order to be offered a popular bag. Even non-quota bags like the Evelyne, Garden Party, mini Lindy, are very hard to come by nowadays.


May 3, 2020
What also annoys me is that you somehow get caught into this „must buy before the next price increase“ thing.
Takes the fun out of shopping.
This. I still have a Chanel bag on my wishlist. The item is at the bottom of my list, if I really want it, it will now have to wait for a couple of price increases. I used to think I had to get the items before the increase, but they're not (classics) going anywhere. Seeing how many preloved items made me also realize they are not an "investment". I still love my Chanel, but I'm more glad I got it at previous prices. I think I love my Dior handbags even more, they just seem more luxious. Wanting a Chanel is fueled by price increases, whereas other designers are I want are fueled by the want / luxiousness of the bag for me.
Apr 13, 2015
I absolutely love my collection. Really glad I started collecting early before prices became insane! My very first classic flap I bought fresh from
Boutique in 2010. Will never forget that experience. So I’m not over it in the sense that I still love Chanel and plan to carry it for a long time and pass down to younger generations in my family.

I’m over it in the sense that the last few seasons have mostly been quite atrocious looking pieces in my opinion. I’ve been waiting for the absolute perfect boy bag as that’s all my collection is missing, and looks like I’ll be waiting for a while! Not in any rush to add a boy bag just because, and I won’t be bullied by price increases. I have to be head over heels in love with it to make a purchase. I’m also not actively perusing through new collections like I used to, so I think I’m pretty close to “moving on”, not just from Chanel, from luxury handbags in general. I have more than enough Chanel and Hermes, and I’ll probably focus on jewelry post pandemic.


Jan 29, 2018
I’m over Chanel, and also all luxury in general. My last 3 Chanel bags was purchased between Dec 2019 to May 2020

The global financial economy is worrying me, so I will be on a luxury ban for a while. Rather save up for a deposit on a house instead since house prices are falling.


Jul 21, 2010
I gave up on Chanel years ago! I buy only Hermes now. You pay for, and get, a quality handbag with Hermes; a bag that will last a lifetime. With Chanel prices being completely ridiculous now, I am surprised that more people haven't given up on the brand.
Everyone is saying Hermès has better quality leather. But I feel differently. I had a birkin in Togo leather. I think it’s one of their durable leathers. I wore it for nearly a year and it looks like ****. The leather sags and it barely holds it shape. I’ve sold it now. I don’t baby my bag but I treat all my bag the same way. I have had my Caviar Cf for years and wear them constantly. They all look fine.

Although I do feel like I am kind of over chanel. Lately I haven’t seen any designs that catch my eyes. I don’t buy other brands either. I think Im tired of bags in general and more into jewelry now

but if Chanel comes up with some piece that makes my heart sing I’ll definitely buy it again
Feb 22, 2009
NYC -> Miami
I honestly think Chanel has been on fire lately. However I do agree that their prices are getting out of hand with the constant price increase. The same goes for Hermes also, they need to relax with their price increases especially since it starting to seem anyone can get a bag now. I was in Hermes on Saturday and everyone was getting bags and I am talking about Birkins and Kelly’s. The SAs were just bringing our boxes and boxes of coveted bags. They weren’t even bringing people into the private rooms.


Jul 21, 2010
Lots of people are praising Hermès. I personally just really don’t get it. I don’t like their sales strategy, either you have to spend a ton of money on their brand to be able to qualify a birkin or Kelly or you have to buy it from second market with a hefty premium. Secondly all of their designs are dull and boring. It’s not as fun as Chanel’s. I really don’t want to spend money on any of them. I hated their accessories, shoes, jewelries. Chanel makes much better of those. Birkin and kelly is the only ones I like from Hermès. So I have to spend on things I really don’t like to get things I like? I don’t get this. Thirdly, I’m not an expert. But I don’t have good experience of their leathers. I know they have a wide range of different leathers but the Togo leather I bought, I thought it’s one of the durable ones but end up sagging within a year. yea when it was new, the leather felt very nice. It’s probably not meant for everyday use but what’s the point to spend over 10k to have something to sit on the shelf. I think it’s only fair to the leather quality after constant wear. And birkin definitely failed me but Chanel caviar didn’t.
Anyway, now I even think a black birkin/kelly is very dull. There’s just not much excitement on the design. But if I ever come across a fun color In smaller sizes I may still consider. it doesn’t really seem to be possible if I don’t want to pay premium.

Apologies for the long rant, I know there are a lot of Hermès lover out there.From the time I was starting to look for a birkin until I sold the birkin, I really did not enjoy one bit of it. I was relieved and happy after I sold it. Even though I lost money on it.

So after all these experience, I know chanel is my one true love. I’m not happy about their constant price increase but I know buying s Chanel will make me happy and make my heart sing when I look at them.