Is anyone just apathetic towards the supposed increase?

  1. Yeah, it sucks if it happens but you know, I'll buy when I'm good and ready. I just refuse to get caught up in the pre increase madness anymore. Anyone else?
  2. Of course there's apathy on a Chanel subforum! The continued buying frenzies are evidence of said "apathy."

    Studies show the higher the price, the more allure. Also high prices just feel good to some people. Of course there's phenomenon of the "higher prices" impact on the brain.

    The indifference of price increases (to some people) helps to enable others.

  3. Agreed. Everything increases in prices... anyone remember when bottled water was 50 cents? lol :heart:
  4. I look in my closet (which is a spare room) and it's packed with stuff. Then I hear of a price increase, it's a total turn off for me. I used to get excited and buy before the increase, but not anymore. I have too much stuff already, so I don't need to pay even higher prices to accumulate more stuff.

    However, I am waiting for a purple flap in a 226. If theres an increase before I get that bag, I will not buy it. I have already made up my mind on that.
  5. I budgeted for purses -- a fixed amount for the year. So if prices go up, I won't buy as many purses ... or ideally I won't see any other chanels I want and can focus on less expensive labels!
  6. I'm not hard up to get any chanel bags before any price increase again. In fact, i only buy when i need it not becoz of the price increase and also nowadays i realise the quality of the chanel bag has gone down a bit after the price increase as you can see many complains abt certain chanel bags they bought.
  7. As for me, I understand the need for a price increase but it means I have to put off my purchases... I doubt as a student that I would be able to make another purchase anytime soon... it's sort of making me turn to eBay...
  8. I'm trying to ignore all of this too but I will say, if they continue to increase without providing an improved product I will be spending my money elsewhere.
  9. I'm pretty apathetic.
  10. I am apathetic only because (a) I can't buy one now, but (b) I am still going to buy one in April (unless the bag that I want goes from 2000 to 5000). So I have to be apathetic I guess.
  11. They are already so expensive now I have to really, really want it and then it is time to save up.