is anyone interested in the off-white chloe paddington?

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  1. hey guys!

    im going to order the chloe paddington from the chloe store but it sucks because they have no return policy and i am afraid i will have second thoughts!

    anyway - just wanted to see if anyone would be willing to buy it from me if i do decide that i dont want it?

    or if you guys know anyway of possibly selling it and getting the a full price?

    thanks so much!:idea:
  2. I would have but I got to feel in person how heavy they are so I had a change of heart. Good luck to ya though!
  3. Is this a sure thing that the Chloe store has a no refund policy? My husband is going after work to pick mine up. I do love the bag but I think that's weird that there is no returns.
  4. ^^ I'm afraid just about all the high end designer boutiques have this kind of policy. Absolutely no returns for refund, and store credit only if the bag is returned within 7-14 days.
  5. Yes, it's been confirmed by my DH. He's bringing home my new paddy though!
  6. Oh and it's strange, I told him to ask the SA if it's a 2005 or 2006 paddy and she didn't know! But we both assume it's the 2006, are we right? Is there a sure way to distinguish if it is? Thanks!
  7. congrats! i wish i can be this sure about my bag!
  8. Pity that a dang Chloe S/A can't read a Chloe tag. :wacko:
  9. Lol! Yeah, I was wondering how come the SA didn't know???:worried: It should be as simple as looking at the darn card. Or, if the card has gone AWOL for whatever reason, she should know to look at the leather tab in the inside pocket. That should give an indication to the year at least.

    What colour/style are you getting?:biggrin: Post pics!!
  10. HAHA!! I just got the bag, and I ADORE it!
  11. We need pics :love:
  12. Here ya go!

    Attached Files:

  13. Nice! I'd get it dirty in a heartbeat lol
  14. Oooh very nice and luscious!!! LOVE IT:love: ! I never really thought about the lighter colours much coz I tend to mess up anything light, lol! But I'm absolutely drooling over the ivory paddy!! Great choice! Now you've got me thinking about this colour...:amazed: :biggrin:
  15. Gorgeous!!!
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