Is anyone in public relations?

  1. Hi guys!

    I'm hoping someone in the PR business can answer a few little questions for me, either here or via PM.

    Thanks, I appreciate it. :shame:
  2. I do PR and Outreach. I might be able to help - what can I do you for? :graucho:

    I'll PM you my email address, up to you whether you want to PM me or email :smile:
  3. I do PR for a clothing retailer. Let me know if I can help...

  4. I worked in PR a bit... PM me if you would like :yes:
  5. Before becoming a SAHM a little over a year ago I was in PR/marketing. Let me know if I can help!
  6. funny, i was thinking of posting a thread like this too. i hope it's ok if i add to it.

    i'm trying to get into the industry and would love it if you guys could give me a few pointers or tips. also, if it's not too personal...what did you study?
  7. I studied journalism, with a minor in political science. I work for the state. A lot of companies that hire for PR and communications like to hire journalism or English majors, because most people with those degrees are good writers and communicators. If you have experience as a reporter (especially TV), even better.

    Internships, internships, internships! I can't stress enough the importance of having a few internships on your resume when you go to apply for a job. I started out wanting to be a reporter, so I did internships at both a TV station, working the news desk, and at a newspaper, writing articles. When I decided I wanted to go into PR, I looked for a public/media relations internship, and ended up spending a semester at the largest hospital in Orlando, doing a media/PR internship. It was great, lots of hands on experience and I really got to see whether or not I wanted to continue this route, or try my hand at being a reporter. I decided to stick with PR :smile:

    A good way to find internships is to first talk to an advisor at your school, preferably one that is familiar with the industry. If your school does not have a service that helps you find jobs and internships, start surfing the Web. Your state should have some sort of public relations association. Here in Florida it's the Florida Public Relations Association - Florida Public Relations Association : Enhancing The Profession Since 1938 They are a great resource! Most of the chapter Web sites have job and internship listings. Another good place is the Public Relations Society of America - The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) which also has job listings.

    If it's not too late, try to see if you can land 2-3 good internships during your time in college. Most of them are not paid, but provide great experience and look good on a resume. Sometimes, if the company you intern for is happy with your performance and has an opening, they might offer you a position upon graduating. Still, send out as many resumes as possible when it's time to hunt for a salaried position.

    Another good thing to do is network. See if you can become a member of your local PR association chapter (sometimes they have student and individual rates) and attend every event. Meet everyone. Make contacts, and collect tons of business cards. Follow up! :smile:

    I'm probably leaving stuff out, but I have to get to work :shame: Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
  8. I agree with Cristina, a degree is certainly essential but it's not worth much without work experience.

    I also started my career in PR and whilst I was doing my degree I would offer my services on a very inexpensive basis to small businesses. I did advertising, promotions, press releases etc for them to try out my skills. Sometimes I got some very valuable slots for them and that was exciting.

    Then a year after I started my career I went on to become a flight attendant, but have now started my own business so am getting to flex my PR muscles again!
  9. thanks for responding!

    Cristina, I'm going to PM you!