Is anyone hopeful that elux will have free shipping?

  1. Do you think it will be soon? Or months?
  2. I hope soon!
  3. hopefully soon?
  4. There are promotions for free shipping sometimes. If you become an eluxury VIP, you always get free shipping.
  5. how much do you have to spend to become a VIP?

  6. REALLY? :wtf:
    i've been a VIP customer and only thing they gave me was free shipping 'upgrade'.... :shrugs:
    they still make me pay for shipping!! they do deliver the items pretty quick without the upgrade.....i always miss fedex and ended up driving to the office to sign the slip.....! :upsidedown:

    i've been buying 5~6 LVs a year for last 3-4 yrs or so....

    they exchange items for free though. :P
  7. I'm waiting for a free shipping offer???? I know someone who emailed eluxury in May, and asked about the next free shipping offer. Eluxury said they hoped to offer another free shipping promo won't be soon enough for me though.
  8. hmmm....well I'm hoping that eLux would one day ship internationally....or at least within the same continent since I'm in Canada....
  9. :yes: Me too. If they would ship to Australia I would save heaps.
  10. I'm an Elux VIP and they give Free Shipping Upgrade to Priority.. No Free Shipping though...Only when there are those specials which are few and far between lately...
  11. i also wish they'd ship internationally! but it might just be too detrimental :shame: