Is anyone hitting an outlet early today--President's day sale????

  1. If so, please let us know if there is any additional sale for President's Day weekend! I'm thinking of making the 1.5 hr trip right after work and would love to know what to expect. Thanks :smile:
  2. I'm going to the Prime Outlets today in Fremont, Indiana. I will let you know about sales and what they have there. :woohoo:
  3. I went yesterday. Some stuff 50% off (all junk), some stuff 40% off, and the usual 20% off sales.
  4. what was 50% and 40% off? Thanks in advance!
  5. I did and posted what I saw in the outlet thread. I came away empty handed!
  6. Just got back & there was no special sale. Just 40% off the small bleeckers still, 30% off a couple things, then the typical 20%. I was pretty underwhelmed. I'll post what I saw in the outlet thread.
  7. There was the same sale at the Waikele outlet today as there was last week Friday. I was hoping to go there to find my tobacco belted Ergo at a bigger discount so I could get a price adjustment, but it was still the same. The only difference I saw was that there was more merchandise selection since last week. As far as discount percentages went, it was the same.

    It was definitely packed today when I went around 11 am, but it was mostly Japanese tourists and a handful of local people. I usually don't have to deal with a packed store because I tend to go to the outlet about an hour before they close.
  8. I just got back and there was no big sales. Just he usual 20%. Tons of winter fobs at 9.99.
    07 Legacy bags still plenty on the shelves, along with belted ergo totes.
    Nothing great!
  9. I think the President Day sale starts tomorrow. I got an email and it said the 16th-18th
  10. I'm going to the outlet Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather (it's supposed to snow really bad), so I will let you know what i find.
  11. Maaaaaaaaaaan... I guess I'll have to go back again tomorrow or Sunday!!
  12. Fluffy, if you dont mind me asking, which outlet did you go to? I have been looking for '07 legacy bags everywhere and all the places I have called tell me they don't have any.
  13. Doesn't look like my outlet is having any bigger of a "sale" than when I went yesterday. I called them and asked about my tobacco belted Ergo and it's still the same 20% off. No need to go to the outlet then!!
  14. I am hitting up the Orlando outlets tomorrow. I will let you know what i find.
  15. I went to Woodbury today. It was just the usual 20% off. There were some things 40% off like bleeker items. Nothing special for President's Day weekend.